making conections

Hi, I am new to sending messages to forums and I am not sure where this
will end up so if you read it and feel like responding, please let me know
how to get to the forum.

I run a vegetable farm in Central NJ, more of a market garden but we have
alot of land that we do not intensively use for veggy production that we do
have plans for and spend time "managing" hence my calling it a farm. 
Currently I struggle with all the plans I have for the farm and all the
projects I would love to spend time on....struggle with the fact that I
can't even keep up with the work producing 15 acres of veggies much less
build a 50 gal barrel low speed wind mill to pump water to a little pond,
to grow water cress and foster flora and fauna diversity.  Another project
high on my list is to build a methane digester like one pictured in Mother
Jones in China.  It seems like such a basic and great project to produce
the energy for heating our house/greenhouse/water/cooking.  But who has the
time, to mention trying to get permission from the township......

So I am just looking to make contacts with anyone out there who is doing
this stuff in a way that ties into real life functions and systems or have
plans to but don't because of being limited by the jobs you hope to make
better by these projects.  I want to be a sustainable, ecologically
exemplary farmer but it ain't easy........sometimes talking with others who
are struggling with similar things makes it easier for all of us.

Hope to hear from someone.........Mike