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RE: Gussow on Nutrition/Food Systems

I have feared this divorce from the kitchen and from
our food supply for some time
and people here say that in a couple of years 
will be conducting lessons on 
peeling and cutting up the exotic food
known simply in the 80's as the onion!!

We can try two angles -
promoting naturally packaged, fresh fast foods 
such as bananas, kiwifruit, berries, mandarins, oranges etc
and providing ready made organic salad mixes, coleslaw
value adding that improves the profitability of small farms.

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Dear Karen,

Thanks for your Sanet post.  

I'm an organic grower with a CSA share membership.  The biggest complaint I
get is that I provide my share holders with too much food!  We designed our
planting schemes to provide our shareholders with 5 days worth of the USDA
recommended 5-6 servings per day of fruits and vegetables.  

Folks simply aren't eating as much as they should of what they should.  One
of the problems is they are "too busy"  Another is that folks simply don't
know how to cook anymore.  I've been running a series in our newsletter on
how to cook.  Basics like cutting up veggies, definitions of cooking terms,
and what cooking methods can be applied to what produce.  Like any other
skill, cooking takes practice.  I'm considering teaching cooking classes next

If you have any suggestions on how to help folks over come their "kitchen
impairments," their "too much effort for just me," or their "I don't have
time," please let us know.

Full Circle Organic Farm