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RE: Gussow on Nutrition/Food Systems

Hello Marcie & others:

 (about a CSA veggie box operation that found people where not cooking
the food )

AS>skill, cooking takes practice.  I'm considering teaching cooking classes nex

AS>If you have any suggestions on how to help folks over come their "kitchen
AS>impairments," their "too much effort for just me," or their "I don't have
AS>time," please let us know.

AS>Full Circle Organic Farm

What the local veggie box people do is to include recipies with their
delivery on a sheet of paper.   One of the best most relevant cookbooks
for the British Columbia (Western Canada) and Pacific North West (USA)

Steve Solomon's The Maritime Northwest Gardener's Cookbook

Which has for its recipie selection criteria: 
1) major ingredients grow locally, and are available at the same time
of year
2) major ingredients are fresh not preserved - (I'd bend this rule)
3) simple and quick to prepare

(he did not create the recipies but got others to submit them. It is
organized by month.)

I too have this same difficulty with my clients: I design and install
an edible garden/landscape.  But people then realize that even though
they liked the idea of the plants it is a challenge to remember to
harvest and cook the produce.

I think about food alot.  One hope for me is that I'll find a way to
get relevant recipies for more interesting foods: ie American Ground
nut: Apios apios.  Or Arrow root.

I've been thinking if veggie boxes should accually have semi/partially
prepared food.  Ie  organic tofu (not in plastic...) or fresh bread. 
In the winter we could have fresh perogies from real potatoes and
sourcroaut  (spelling).

I'm single, live at least 2-3 too many lives and have been trying to
cook, eat and clean up in under an hour.  Things have been getting a
little simple lately.

Does anybody dream like I do?

I want a permaculture recipie site that is searchable so when ever the
produce came in I could turn it into food just surf and read - then do
then mmm-mmm eat.

I want an encyclopedia of English, Welsh, Scottish & Irish, cooking
with out sugar and cream being in every recipie.  (permaculture- modern
fast simple etc)
I'd benefit from  Germanic & Scandanavian recipies too.  Everything
must be prepared under an hour and follow most of Steve Solomon's rules.

Hmm, I know there is more... so reply and I'll ramble on.

Harold Waldock
The Edible Gardeners