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RE: Gussow on Nutrition/Food Systems

dGianni wrote:
When I hear people say, "I'm too busy, no time..." etc., etc., I take 
them to mean that they 1) don't yet realize that they need to plan ahead 
and organize the cooking chores (among a few people, if necessary) and 2) 
they aren't yet invested enough in thinking "organics" to make the 
commitment to plan ahead and organize their cooking. To belong to a CSA 
is a statement, but if they don't actually support the longevity of the 
CSA, it's kind of lip service.
>I have been teaching permaculture on the net for quite some time
and this means I really concentrate on committed people, cause you
can't be passive in one-on-one learning.
I have come to appreciate lip service as possibly the beginning of something more
and people grow at different speeds, sudden adoption of a new lifestyle can be
unsustainable, when things go wrong - like the fox eats their chickens, they serve up
there best fruit and the visitor finds HALF a worm after the first bite!
Customer focus has got to important in CSA moreso than other business, find
out what the customer wants, or thinks they want and try to do more than satisfy this. 
at the same time, lead them to greater things.  
Along with teaching HOW to cut up veggies and teaching recipes, I would
develop a focus on STRATEGY: Take the 5-10 minutes to wash, cut prepare,
etc. the evening before. Get help from other household members that are
eating the food. 
>This is a big issue in the older generation, so often I see, HE digs the spuds -
SHE cooks them, everyone needs to find their roots, there connection to
the earth, everyone should the passage from soil to mouth, few do.
 Try to create the situation where all the prep is done
before the hour the meal is expected to be eaten. THAT takes energy and
effort. One reason agribusinesses are able to wipe out small farmers who
defy the synthetic pesticide/fertilizer pressures successfully laid on
by the chemical industry is because they know that mass marketing has 
propagandized consumers to think they want FAST, EASY, COSMETIC food. The 
economic pressures on larger numbers of people mean less time at home and 
more time working.  
>So true!!
STRATEGY in the kitchen is essential to overcome the 
efforts of agribusiness to PESTICIDE THE WORLD! Join the resistance or 
shop at non organic sources, eat processed foods, cook minute rice, buy 
spam...you know what I mean. ;)
>me too, April
I'd like to follow up with ideas to add to the home page
how about help, suggestions, receipes (cooked and uncooked) Please