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Re: practical use for snails?

In a message dated 1/13/97 9:05:25 PM, you wrote:

>If that is too much like work, clean them (boiling is best) and grind them
>before putting the shells in your compost or simply scatter them around to
>work in your soil. The finer the grind, up to powder (the best), the more
>benefit from remineralization is possible. While I am not sure based on
>personal experience, I have heard it said that the ground shell helps to
>persuade snails to go elsewhere.
>Milo Clark
>Berkeley CA USA


Remineralization?  What minerals do snail shells contain besides calcium
carbonate?  I'm most interested!  

I would have thought that the main fertility benefit would come from the fact
that they are food and that food makes good fertlizer, e.g. NPK+variable

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