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hippie bashing,farming etc.

>Paul, sez...>
 >The term 'permie' does not exist in the local
redneck vokabulary, here it is 'hippie bashing'. Hippies are at the very
bottom of the social heap. - Charlie Manson / Jonestown / Bagwan Rajneesh /
Wako / Freemen are all grouped together into one huge fear of any aspect of
communalism. Worse than guns and religion together though, hippies are
generally suspected for liberal ideas about narcotics prohibition. Such an
alarming threat, to undermine the fast growing crime control industry,
warrants special heavy-handedness. Suspected association is enough for a
guilty verdict. There war is global, the issue of "harassed permies" is a
social consequence of war rhetoric gone awry.

Mark agrees!  But I feel a solution is fairly simple...
Go native when you move to the country.   Participate in local events and if
possible occupations.  Help your neighbors garden and farm, learn about
local history,  meet the family of friends.   Try not to tred on local
coustoms, find points of common agreement before bringing in new or
contriverial  ideas.  Know and use the name of historic farms, local
landmarks and points of intrest. Be an example of comunity leadership.
Become involved with the schools or with less formal educational activities.
Do your best also to meet other local newcommers and build these comunities
together.  Have parties, big ones.  Raise grass finnished beef, lamb and
poultry.  Serve up organic veggies and mushrooms.  Be your master garder
selves and have fun.  If your neighbors like and know you there is little
chance that you will be harrased by the law (or excessivly spiteful gossip).   
Another good plan is to manage the behavior of your guests.  People from
town getting drunk and howling at the moon while playing drums may be your
idea of a good time, but the neighbors may be less enthusiastic.  Another
problem can be urban dogs who molest the neighbors sheep, cows and chickens,
not to mention your own.