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internships anyone?

Dear Permaculturists, 

I am a student seeking permaculture-related internship possibilities for this
summer and/or the fall semester.  I received certification last summer through
the Black Mesa Permaculture Project, and am especially interested in working
with intentional community groups and indigenous peoples.  I am an
anthropology/French major at Grinnell College in Iowa, leaving to spend a
semester in Cameroon on the 20th of this month.  Never fear! If you have any
ideas for me, send them here, and hopefully they will be forwarded to Africa by
my trusty parents.  While in Cameroon, I am planning to apply for my school's
quite generous environmental studies grant which would provide all the funds I
might need for a summer internship.  My best chance for being awarded these
funds is with project in or near Cameroon, or, if I cannot find one there, in
another "third world" country.  As for next fall, domestic would be nice, as
I'll probably be working on my own funding for that one. So if you have any
leads at all for me, PLEASE, pour them in this direction!  I anxiously await

Thankyou kindly,
	Sarah Wilcox