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Greetings Dan Hemingway!

Hi Dan,

I have been looking throuh my volumnes of p.c. literature for sources
suitable to hedgerow plantings. I can find reams of information, as far as
species indexes are concerned, but what I would like to locate is
information which lists heights--or layers--of different trees, shrubs,
forbs, herbs, etc. I know you have a list somewhere. Any help would be much

I don't know if you remember me from our correspondences some time ago. I
was the permaculture programs director for the Bear Tribe Medicine Society
near Spokane, WA. from 1984--1990. Thelma Snell worked with me for a while
in '88--'89. I was an apprentice to Sun Bear for many years before his
passing in 1992.

I have always stood in awe of your vast arrary of permaculture knowledge,
as well as your succinct command of the vernacular...

Walk in Balance,
(Every step, a prayer),

Simon Henderson
Bamboo People
30816 3rd Ave. N.E.
Stanwood, WA 98292
Phone: (360) 629-6160
Email: simonh@sos.net