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request for information/assistance

I have only recently discovered the "science" of biointensive
(used because I know of no other proper term for this area of
holistically approached composting, soil management, and plant growth
that involves all sound and tested uses of microflora and fauna along
with organic, composting, french intensive, vermiculture and other

For over thiry years I have subscribed to my own techniques and ideas
but only recently noticed them being addressed professionally. I am now
extremely interested in developing a more professional and applied
understanding of applied methodologies that include well thought out,
safe, practical,and scientific/agricultural engineering techniques and
procedural methodologies from A to Z in terms of organic waste
utilization, composting, applied microbiologicals at all appropriate
phases and for purposes such as more rapid conversion, more thorough
conversion of difficult organics, nitrogen fixation, ammonia conversion,
etc. in composting and in soil innoculation.

In short, I have no interest in becoming a soil scientist at 46 but do
have a strong interest in any  APPLIED systems, information, products,
or equipment associated with such processes.

Having just returned from a four day seminar in sustainable agriculture
I was disappointed at how little is available here in the U.S. either in
terms of information, products, or machinery that assists in composting.

Should you know of any available literature or sources of
information on these topics, please consider me your all too willing
sponge waiting to be absorb all that is available!

Likewise, should you know of any sources for a variety starter or
innoculant cultures or other microflora and fauna for any aspects or
phases of composting/soil development/farming/waste processing I would
certainly appreciate receiving information and /or samples.  

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