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Re: Permaculture market garden [PC class file under nutrient cycles, cr economic

At 10:15 AM 1/27/97 -0800, you wrote:
>At 10:14 AM 1/26/97 -0500, Elfpermacl@aol.com wrote:
>(worthwhile stuff on permaculture gardening methods deleted)
>>I'm going to have to end my input on this theme here or there is no incentive
>>to read our journals and take our course.
>Silly me.  And here I thought this list was for distributing information on
>Permaculture methods, not just so that you can give us "incentives"
>(translation: advertising) to pay you money for the stuff.
>With an attitude like that, I have absolutely *no* incentive to receive
>instruction directly from you, as I've had enough instruction via role model
>of condescending, egotistical, "One Right True And Only Way" behavior to
>last me this lifetime.
>Are you here to share your surplus, or are you just here to harvest?
>(Apologies to the rest of the list...but this has really been bugging me
>lately.  Does anyone else have thoughts on what type of example a
>Permaculture designer/instructor should set by the way s/he lives their life?)
>Loren Davidson      
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>"Songs of love and songs of death, and songs to set men free"
>                  -- "Land Ho", The Doors

Mark Sez.
1. People need to get paid for what they do, if they're PC designers, then
they shoud get paid for that.
2. I think places like this are great for dialoge and I wish it wasn't so
prickley.  I too am tired of the one size fits all mentality, ie I design on
a larger scale and don't give a rip if people feel it's impossibe to have a
sustainabe farm.  I am living in the real world, frankly care more about
getting licenced to teach high school than permaculture, and will damn well
use all the design concepts of PC I want to.  If people don't want to give
away all their best tricks, that's fine.  I am willing to think together and
share what I know and people should participate to the degree comfortable to
3. I'm sick of people being nasty.  We can all be polite.