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Re: chicken compaction

In a message dated 1/28/97 12:40:22 AM, you wrote:

>Mark Says, whether that's true depends.....
>Chickens cause this kind of dammage by compacting the soil through excessive
>turning and vegitation eating and their high N dung burning soil humas up.
>A given soil/vegitative cover will tolerate differant ammounts of bird
>presure depending on factors like soil biological activity, soil type (clay,
>loam, sand) and water or nutrient status.  Note also the previous post where
>other creatures get worked into the grazing mix, their manure and habbits
>may fit some soils better.  With all these garden systems, remember that old
>saying about the farmers footsteps being the best fertilizer; this is the
>quaint way of pointing to the key role your management play's in making your
>system work. 


This is not a problem in deep mulch.  I can't imagine why someone would use
it in any other situation since deep mulch provides  virtually unlimited free
food (worms and other invertebrates) for chickens.

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