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Welcome to The Plant Tracker


Lawrence F. London, Jr. - Venaura Farm - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
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Title: Welcome to The Plant Tracker
Welcome To...
The Plant Tracker
This is not your grandmother's botanical database!

This database, compiled by Plants For A Future, a non-profit organization located in Cornwall, U.K., is much more than the usual botanical search engine out there on the Web. It is the only database I know of that actually lists, and allows you to search by, the uses for a plant - whether it's edible, medicinal or used for something else you probably never suspected - like cleanser, wax, or baby diapers. Few people realize any longer that many of the things you buy from your local drugstore were at one time, or still are, made from common plants. Now you can learn to be more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly by "going back to the source" rather than depending on some manufacturing company to process and repackage the plant for you (at large cost to you and usually to the environment, of course).

So let's get started! Click on your selection now...

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You may email me if you have any questions or comments about this project. Oh yeah, and you really do have to have a forms-capable browser that is current - for best results use Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. I can't guarantee that anything else will look quite right.

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