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Plants for a future


Lawrence F. London, Jr. - Venaura Farm - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
mailto:london@sunSITE.unc.edu  http://sunSITE.unc.edu/InterGarden
mailto:llondon@nuteknet.com  http:nuteknet.com/london  Venaura Farm
Title: Plants for a future


A Resource and Information Centre for Edible and other useful plants

The Field, Penpol, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0NG, England
Telephone Bodmin (+44 1208) 873554 or 872963

Plants for a Future is a project based in Cornwall which seeks to gather together and disseminate information on the many useful properties of plants, partularly those plants which are less common in todays society. They also have a beutiful patch of land which they are tending according to vegan-organic-permaculture principles. and concentrating on Perennial plants. They have produced many leaflets (show below) as well as a catalogue of plants available from them. One major project has been the construction of a database of useful plants which contains over 7000 species, which is now avaliable online. The project has reciently been granted charity status reg. no. 1057719.

The next exciting phase of the PFAF project will be the creation of an Eco-Village. This will enable a truely sustainable community to develope where all the needs are catered for by using plants grown on site.

Leaflets on plant use

  1. Allium Species - the Perennial Onions
  2. Alternative Food Crops
  3. Alternative Fruits
  4. Alternative Lighting: Plant Oils and Waxes
  5. Alternative Root Crops
  6. Conservation Gardening
  7. Crataegus Species - The Hawthorns.
  8. Hemerocallis Species - The Day Lilies.
  9. The Edible Lawn.
  10. Edible Ornimental Plants
  11. The Edible Pond and Bog Garden
  12. Edible Shrubs
  13. Elaeagnus x ebbingei - A Plant for all Reasons.
  14. Fibre Plants
  15. Ground cover plants.
  16. Hedges and their use
  17. The Milkweeds
  18. Soap Plants
  19. Staple seed crops from perennials
  20. The Urban Garden
  21. Vegtable Oils
  22. Why Perennials
  23. Winter Salads
  24. Woodland Garden Plants


These list a large number of plants with a particular use and include information on growing conditions.
  1. Checklist of plants suitable for ground cover
  2. Checklist of plants suitable for hedging and windbreaks
  3. Checklist of trees and shrubs suitable for shelterbeds
  4. Edible Trees and Shrubs Hardy in Britain

Other leaflets

  1. Animal Abuse in todays society
  2. Plants for health
  3. Vegan-Organics
  4. Why Plants
  5. Housing Co-ops


You can find some online and off-line links to other organic and permaculture resources here.


For those of you who can't use the web, these files are avaliable via ftp in both Word 6.0 and plain text formats email me and I'll tell you where to get them from.


We'ed like to break down the anglo-centric domination of the world in any way possible. Hence if you would like to help in translateing these pages into other languages please contact Krayg at krayg@planet13.co.uk.


If you liked this page, want to keep informed, have any useful info, or just want to say hi please send me a mail pfaf@scs.leeds.ac.uk. I'd also be interested to find out how you came across these pages. I should point out that I (Rich Morris) am just a friend of the project who though that the information was worth putting out, my knowleage of Permaculture etc isn't that great. If you do have specific questions about plants you should write direct to the project at the address at the top of the page (they don't have an electronic address, in fact they don't even have electricity).

Wow we've got one of those best of the web type awards. Who'd have thought it. And we are a gold site on NetGuide. Actually our sister site The Plant Tracker got lots of "net-fame" when the species database went online. We got pick of the weeks from webcrawler, yahoo, netscape and several others. Plus (I'm quite chuffed on this one) the plant tracker was the Whats Sores site in December on enviro-link.

Nice one to School of Computer Science at Leeds Uni for the web space.

Plants for a Future is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. Company Reg No. 3204567, Reg. office 24 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QL.

All the information contained in these files is Copyright (C) Plants for a Future, 1995. Pictures Copyright PFAF, background originals found in Warwick , modified by rjm (guess the symmetry).
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