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Re: Allies to Prisoners

>I am interested in supporting the Aboriginal side of the above if any of
>the following are useful.
>Visiting prisoners at the Murdoch Remand Centre as I have done before (to
>run a course on how to make a solar box cooker).
>Running a dedicated permaculture course at the Environmental Technology
>Centre (ETC) for Aboriginal prisoners.  We are about to start receiving
>community works order people at the ETC as Les in our group has been a
>supervisor for Corrective Services in Busselton in the past.
>The 'climate sensible design' classroom at the ETC would be available as a
>venue.  However, it only has a capacity of 50 people max.  Perhaps it could
>be used for smaller meetings after the UWA 400-capacity meeting?

      Thank You, all this sounds like good stuff. If you can attend the day,

Now the 12th of April. Lets network you with like minds.

p.s. In the area of psychology do you think anyone at Murdoch would be 
interested in running some trials with prisoners etc. dedicated to 
information that I am getting out of the newsletter from SOMA which is 
related to the effect of mineral imbalances' in the bodies of Violent 
Criminals. Information from 3 different trials may be available.

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