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Re: Software for planning permaculture systems.

Joe Dalsin wrote:

> I was thinking about starting a web site where people could submit
> drawings of their own designs and techniques.  A kind of living
> book of Permaculture designs.  
> Comments?  Ideas?  Other information exchange ideas?
> Joe Dalsin - joed@igc.org


This is a great idea! One of the problems we have as permies is to see
design ideas and options for different sites. Each place is unique, and
no general textbook plan will provide all answers. Therefore, seeing
permaculturalists' responses to various design briefs would be great.

Hope you can set it up...

The software idea is also worth developing. I have been experimenting
with using Corel Draw to draft plans by scanning site plans and then
overlaying with both imported and self-drawn symbols. It's a bit of a
fiddle, but the great advantage of using a vector-mapped drawing is the
ability to
rescale and zoom with no loss of definition. But I'd love to see a
permaculture drafting program!

All the best, Keith.

'Every day the intelligent person learns something new, but every day
the wise person gives up some certainty'    The Buddha.

Keith Elwell-Gavins
Canberra, Australia