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Re: Software for planning permaculture systems.

>> I was thinking about starting a web site where people could submit
>> drawings of their own designs and techniques.  A kind of living
>> book of Permaculture designs.  
>> Comments?  Ideas?  Other information exchange ideas?
>> Joe Dalsin - joed@igc.org
>This is a great idea! One of the problems we have as permies is to see
>design ideas and options for different sites. Each place is unique, and
>no general textbook plan will provide all answers. Therefore, seeing
>permaculturalists' responses to various design briefs would be great.
>Hope you can set it up...
>The software idea is also worth developing. I have been experimenting
>with using Corel Draw to draft plans by scanning site plans and then
>overlaying with both imported and self-drawn symbols. It's a bit of a
>fiddle, but the great advantage of using a vector-mapped drawing is the
>ability to
>rescale and zoom with no loss of definition. But I'd love to see a
>permaculture drafting program!
>All the best, Keith.
>'Every day the intelligent person learns something new, but every day
>the wise person gives up some certainty'    The Buddha.
>Keith Elwell-Gavins
>Canberra, Australia

WE would like to explore this with you

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