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V-HM: Round-up & frogs (fwd)

        "Victor Guest" <vic@daena.eepo.com.au>
Subject: V-HM: Round-up & frogs

Hello all,

In Australia there has recently been released a new formulation of Round-up 
that is 'Waterway friendly'. Apparently the carrier in the original Round-up  
formulation is toxic to marine life.

A couple of articles that may be of interest were published in the Journal of 
Pesticide Reform Winter 1995 - Vol. 15, No.4 (Publisher: Northwest Coalition 
for Alternatives to Pesticides - PO Box 1393, Eugene, Oregon 97440 / 

I have no idea how credible the above publication is but there are some quite 
serious allegations raised about the safety of glyphosate (active ingredient 
of Round-up). A sample:
- lettuce, carrots and barley planted a year after glyphosate treatment 
contained residues at harvest. (A concern with genetically engineered species 
like soybeans that are resistant to Round-up so that it can be sprayed over 
- In California, glyphosate exposure was the third most commonly reported 
cause of pesticide illness amomg agricultural workers. 
- With chemical testing it is often only the active ingredient that is tested, 
but sometimes the other things added (e.g. surfactant) can be toxic, and/or 
the combinations can become toxic.
- Two serious cases of fraud have occurred in laboratories conducting 
toxicology residue testing for glyphosate and glyphosate-containing products.



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