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Book Report (fwd)

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I picked up a copy of "Corporate Tides the Inescapable Laws of Organizational
Structure"  by Robert Fritz the author of "Path of Least Resistance".  I want
to recommend it to anyone who wants to clarify his or her ability to observe
what is going on in an organization. Robert has a talent for distillation of
the structural essence of things, a kind of x-ray vision that exposes the
skeleton that behavior hangs on.  His view of structure and creative process
is not holistic decision making.  The creative process model parallels
holistic decision making as far as it goes and for many may lend some breadth
to your perception and enhance your ability to work and communicate with
people in dysfunctional organizational/personal structures.  The business of
structure is something we do not talk about directly in holistic management
(and perhaps don't appreciate) but structures underlie everything we do.  It
turns out to be useful and kind of fun to watch, and based on perception of
the structure predict, the flow of energy in a system.  
The book is published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers of San Francisco.  I
found my copy in a bookstore.  In hardback only. 
Tom Walther