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future resource base (fwd)

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From: Noel McNaughton <noelm@agt.net>

Hi Everyone
Anyone working with communities, watersheds, counties, and other larger 
land areas may find the book "Boundaries of Home, Mapping for Local 
Empowerment" a very useful tool. It is edited by Doug Aberley, and 
published by New Society Publishers, 1993. ISBN (USA)0-86571-272-7, 
(Canada)1-55092-207-6. Both numbers are for paperback.
This book is about "Bioregional Mapping". It gives a number of case 
studies of areas where such maps were done by local groups, for example 
the Yuba Watershed in California; plus a detailed description of how to 
go about bioregional mapping. Very interesting stuff.
Noel McNaughton
Holistic Management Consultant
RR 1, Winfield, Alberta, Canada  T0C 2X0
Phone/Fax: 403-682-2331  email: noelm@agt.net