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financing ecoprojects

After nearly two years of visionary planning we are now moving forward
with the development phase of an ecovillage on Prince Edward Island,
Canada. This month we will begin the formal development of a business

 Later this summer we will be announcing a design competition for
architecture students for a main lodge and cottages; the criteria will
be that the facilities be energy self-reliant, recycle its waste water,
and be constructed of environmentally friendly materials. We are
currently putting together an information booklet for prospective

The ecovillage will accomodate ecotourism, green business' and
year-round residences.

What has made this all possible is the exciting business which we are
now engaged in which we would like to share with you because we believe
that it is easily duplicatable and can finance similar projects like
ours or your own, around the world.

First let me emphasise that it is not a get rich quick scheme. However,
if you are willing to work at it the results can be *very*  rewarding.

Several months ago we approached a land owner about our project, with a
proposal to create an ecolodge on his land. This man, George Diercks, is
a multi-millionaire. He is making his money through a network marketing
company called: Nutrition for Life International. We investigated the
company and their products and were quite impressed. However, we were
hesitant because we were leery of the whole concept of network

After posing the question to other environmentalists and realizing that
many organizations are now getting involved in this type of marketing
for their fund raising we decided to study the concept some more.

Once we took a look at the structure of this company, Nutrition for
Life, we realized that its returns to distributors were much higher that
most other companies. I could go on and on with details of how we were
finally convinced but I'd rather just steer you toward their home page
and invite you to check them out yourself. The Nutrition for Life home
page address is: http://www.nutritionforlife.com/

You'll see the information on the company, their products and the
structure. Once you read through the home page get back in touch and we
can tell you how we got involved and how it is now financing our

One of the important features is its concept of  "spill over". Once you
qualify by getting just four people involved, you'll get more people
under you simply by staying with the company. It really is a great plan.
The support is fantastic and the rewards are superior to any other
project that I've been involved with.

In this current age of entrepreneurship and the lack of reliable
long-term employment I think you owe it to yourself to give it a try.
The worst case scenario is that you'll be purchasing some very good
health promoting products each month; however with a little effort and a
commitment to succeed you'll be able to realize the best case scenario
and become your own boss in a business that will provide you with a
lifetime of residual income; setting you free to do the projects that
you've been dreaming of.

Again, let me emphasize that this is no get rich quick scheme. You'll
have to work at it but with the short amount of time we have been
involved, in a region of high unemployment and low income we've seen
incredible results.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Phil Ferraro