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Re: thanks

>From: helenc@southwest.com.au (Helen Coleman)
>Subject: thanks
>Dear Victor,
>Thankyou for your reply to my query on an easy definition for permaculture.
>Your suggestions were very useful, and I think something along the lines of
>"maximizing the efficiency of food production to minimize land usage, with
>the goal of sustainable agriculture and communities" would be much better
>than what I have previously been saying.  
>Also, do you know anyone with an abundance of comfrey who wouldn't mind me
>digging up some - I would like to make a comfrey border around the vegie
>patch to keep the couch and kikuyu out.
>Helen Coleman
Anyone near Helen can supply some comfrey.
Also I would like some help I lost a letter from a lady in Paramatta, please
resend it.

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