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Insurance companies

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From: Sandra Halpin <shalpin@igc.apc.org>

Hellow folks!

I guess I assumed Arne's message to me about the insurance companies was put
on the general conference, and it wasn't. Anyway, he's his message to me:

Just a quick note for future thinking picked up from Donna Attewell. Says
>she heard an NPR story the other night about "Reinsurance" companies that
>insure insurance companies. The story was that they have some $290 billion
>in insurance policies and that they now believe one major natural disaster
>could wipe them out. As a result they are starting to require companies to
>show they are making ecologically sound decisions before they will write
>policies. Sounds like an interesting opportunity. Donna said discussants
>were Dutch based and she will try to provide the specifics. 

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