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Critical Landcare edited book (fwd)

Critical Landcare is a new edited book published
by the Centre for Rural Social Research
at Charles Sturt University.

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Critical Landcare
Centre for Rural Social Research Key Papers Number 5
edited by Stewart Lockie and Frank Vanclay
published by the Centre for Rural Social Research, Charles Sturt
University, June 1997.

Part 1: The sociological context for Landcare
1 Stewart Lockie and Frank Vanclay, Critical Landcare
2 Frank Vanclay, The sociological context of environmental
    management in agriculture
3 Stewart Lockie, Beyond a `good thing':
     political interests and the meaning of Landcare
4 Peter Martin, The constitution of power in Landcare:
   a poststructuralist perspective with modernist undertones
5 Ruth Beilin, The construction of women in Landcare:
    does it make a difference?
6 Stewart Lockie, Rural gender relations and Landcare
7 Ian Reeve, Land resource management:
     management or negotiation?
8 Henry Schapper, Western Australia's agriculture and
    pastoralism in cultural and ecological perspective
9 Helen Ritchie, Landcare in the deregulated rural economy of New Zealand

Part 2: Evaluating and facilitating Landcare
10 Margaret Bailey, Landcare: myth or reality?
11 Andrew Campbell, Facilitating Landcare:
       conceptual and practical dilemmas
12 David Davenport, A view from the ground:
      farmers, sustainability and change
13 Robert Haworth, Fine sentiments vs brute actions:
     the landcare ethic and land clearing in contemporary Australia
14 Sarah Ewing, `Small is beautiful':
        the place of the case study in Landcare evaluation
15 Allan Curtis and Terry De Lacy,
      Examining the assumptions underlying Landcare
16 Anna Carr, Innovation of diffusion:
       Landcare and information exchange
17 Patrick Morrisey and Geoff Lawrence,
     A critical assessment of Landcare in a region of Central Queensland

Part 3: Wither Landcare?
18 Stewart Lockie, What future Landcare? new directions under
provisional funding

CRSR Key Papers No 5

edited by Stewart Lockie and Frank Vanclay


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