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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: AgView

Welcome to AgView, a search and index tool to help navigate the internet for data, information, and resources related to Agriculture.
Use the Search below to retrieve all available AgView listings. Use the AgView Select Directory to retrieve a representative subset for each category listed below.

July 18, 1997
Total Sites = 1395
Total Indexed = 888
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Search keywords can be single words, phrases, or combination of single words and phrases. Use a comma to delimit groups of search keywords (ex. If you select Match all Words in addition to Crop Management, Pesticide the search will locate internet sites that contain both Crop Management and Pesticide information).

Check out this years AgView 1996 Agricultural Site of the Year Award.
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Agricultural Engineering (2) Agriculture (21) Animal Production (149) Aquaculture (25)
Beekeeping (17) Companies (45) Conferences (6) Crop Production (57)
Employment (5) Environment (18) Equipment (25) Extension (24)
Farm Management (13) Food Science (24) Forestry (39) GIS (4)
Government (18) Horticulture (120) Indexes (13) Institutes (7)
Irrigation (11) Law (4) Magazines (10) Market (19)
News (5) Organic Farming (19) Organizations (31) Pest Management (34)
Publications (10) Real Estate (1) Research (8) Soil (8)
Sustainable Agriculture (13) Turf (11) Universities (16) Usenet (11)
Veterinary Medicine (12) Weather (21) Wildlife (11)

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