TH |Pseudo-Randomized Notes About TREE-HOUSE ...

Dear Treekeepers,

This post is again from your humble TREE-HOUSE List Administrator,
Richard Tryzno Ellsberry in Baltimore, USA - Tel: 410.727.8639.

It seems that maybe I should share some notes with you about our
new discussion list here, especially for those of us who are either
new to this type of Internetworking, or maybe have some familiarity with
newsgroups, for example, but not with an email forum like this one.  If
you don't need this information then you can simply delete this
message now, or save it to your TREE-HOUSE archive folder ...

1.	TREE-HOUSE, which started a few weeks ago, circa USA's Arbor
Day, 1995, currently has about 30 subscribers (Listees).  They are
scattered across the US and into Canada, plus Germany & Australia.
While I can't know for sure, there seems to be a variety of back-
grounds, with some technical folks in computing and/or forestry, and
not all from major cities.  I myself have no academic credentials in
`arboriculture', so-to-speak, and our server-host, the Univ. of Maryland
Baltimore County campus does not have a forestry department.  All of
which makes us quite independent from institutional restraints.  You
can automatically generate our currentently active list by emailing:

who tree-house

Send the above message to the address: < majordomo@lists.umbc.edu > 
Also, by writing to this same address, you can `unenlist' yourself via:

unsubscribe tree-house

Later, if you go on vacation for instance, you can re-enlist via the message:

subscribe tree-house

There is also a rather simple method of making your address anonymous, or
`invisible' to other people here, but I'm not going to go into that right
now - I will soon enough.  You can always write to me personally via either:

Richard < rellsb1@umbc.edu > or < owner-tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >

And when you see interesting posts from other TREE-HOUSE Listees, you
can probably reply personally to their return-address as well ...

2.	TREE-HOUSE is not a `newsgroup' like < sci.bio.ecology >
but in the future we could create a newsgroup like < alt.tree.house >
to go along with this email forum, if we want to.  Your thoughts on this
issue, as on any other issues important to you, are welcome at TREE-HOUSE -
that's why we exist.  Any message you send to the following address:

< tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >

Will automatically and `immediately' be emailed to all of our Listees.  I
don't even see it before it goes out, and UMBC is a very reliable server.

Note that the `posting' address is *not* the address for `subscribing' ...

3.	We also have a primitive web-home-page, accessable via the URL:
< http://umbc.edu/~rellsb1 > or you can try: < http://www.umbc.edu > ...

TREE-HOUSE strives to be a mid-sized forum for folks thoughtful about trees
in their home environment.  Please write to all of us about anythings that
are on your mind, and don't worry about whether or not you are being `too
simple' or `too technical' or `too political' or `too anything-else'!  As
we have already discovered, whatever you think is important to share is
almost certainly of interest to someone else here.  In time, TREE-HOUSE
promises to become a cross-roads, a watering-hole for Community Foresters
of every stripe & plume, perhaps even every language ...