TH. Neighborhood Arboritums

I am a community gardener and like the operator of this list I have 
neither academic or other backgrounds with plants of any sort.  However, 
since most of growing a community garden is working with people, I have 
some job security (not really but that's budgetary not skill).

Recently, I was in Louisville KY and came across a man who was creating a 
neighborhood arboritum.  He was working with approximately 300 homeowners 
who lived in a suburban setting (.5-1 acre of land for each house).  He 
has been planting trees and perennials now for 6 years.  The governmental 
unit with which he deals gives him 3,000-5,000$/yr to buy supplies and he 
goes (volunteering) door-to-door to pursuade his neighbors to let him 
plant trees in their yards that he picks out for them.

The consequence is that there are now lots of new (often exotic some 
native) trees in a very small area.  The effect is both interesting from 
a tree point of view and also from a community building point of view.

Just a thought.
               if you want more information feel free to mail back.