TH. Community As Arboretum?

The idea from Louisville, Kentucky, of systematically retro-fitting
your whole community for a designed arboretum is certainly a provocative
one!  I want to discuss more about what I call `tree tags' - occasionally
found in the `finest' gardens, & seldom anywhere else.  If a notion
of Community Foresting is about sensitizing our neighbors (& our selves)
to the subtleties of our environment, what the Permaculturists refer
to as `observing', then a little bit of helpful text might be welcome.

Trouble is that tree tags are irritating and possibly crippling for the
tree, somewhat costly, & an `attractive nuisance' for mischievous kids.

Still, I like them, & especially appreciate the Arboricultists out
there who care enough to provide them.  Thank you.

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