Re: TH: Tree-Tags

My main point is simply that if we are to foster a deepened
appreciation for trees in the psyche of the general public, which
is what TreeHouse is supposed to be about anyway, then some text,
some tree-tags, might be effective toward that end.  At the Mount
Auburn Cemetary in greater Boston (which I have mentioned before)
there are *hundreds* of species and cultivars to enjoy (to listen
to, to smell) - many of which were hybridized at the Arnold Arboretum
(do I have that right?).  MAC has *thousands* of tagged trees!
Why can't more community foresting projects let people know exactly
who they are?  Cheers for Mount Auburn, and for anybody else out
there who has bothered enough to practice safe tree-tagging!

Q: Are there commercial sources of, in modest quantity and at modest
expenditure, signs for tagging trees?  Do they have them screened-up
for the varieties of street tree - possibly in differing sizes to fit
respective girths?  Are there articles that you know of that address
this issue.  I am very curious about this and would be very grateful
for your posting it here to <TH> or replying directly to me.

Thank you in advance,

Richard < owner-tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >