Re: Community As Arboretum? TH...

My main point is simply that if we are to engender a deepened
appreciation for trees in the mind of the general public, which
is what TreeHouse is supposed to be about anyway, then some text,
some tree-tags, might be effective toward that end.  At the Mount
Auburn Cemetary in greater Boston (which I have mentioned before)
there are *hundreds* of species and cultivars to enjoy (to listen
to, to smell...) - many of which are from the Arnold Arboretum
(do I have that right?).  They have *thousands* of tagged trees!
Why can't more tree-planting projects let people know who they
are?  Thank you, Mount Auburn, and thank you anybody else out
there who has practiced safe tree-tagging!

Richard < owner-tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >