TH: Population Allocation Limited?

My last posting cited a WWW-Page which offers South-Pacific cruises to
help finance ecological education in the 3rd World.  Now I'm not sure
what, if any, utility this holds for us at < TREE-HOUSE >, but that Web-
link leads us to another related site which will be interesting to at least
some of us.  A (US) Connecticut-base non-profit called World PAL (Population
Allocation Limited) is ambitiously attempting to contrive an innovative
(you heard it here first) online interactive graphical database which will
prompt the net-browser (or `net-stitcher', but I won't use `net-surfer')
to enter the name of a country, and possibly a date as well.  Then on one's
personal computer, one can watch any part of the Earth swell-up with human
populations of that region, indicated by red dots.

If this doesn't sound much like forestry, well maybe it's not.  But it is
clearly an attempt to get a handle on our most important environmental
variable, with the help of these emerging Internet technologies.  Let's
try to keep < TREE-HOUSE > current with the very latest developments in 
ecology, along with our central mission of promoting localized tree-planting.

World PAL, Ltd. Can Be Accessed Via: 

< http://starbase.ingress.com/kunosoura/worldpal.html >

Richard < owner-tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >