TH: Dot Hill Nature Reserve

	06/06/95 20:45 BST

	Hello Tree Housers
	[REF] Dot Hill. The Dot hill Nature reserve{1} in the London Borough
	of Greenwich comprises of an area of 0.5 hectares (approx' 1.25 Acres)
	on the site of disused allotments. This includes a strip of secondary
	woodland scrub with remnant ancient features such as wild Service tree.
	The whole area is located on the site of what was once 'Little High
	Grove Wood'. The site is situated between Shrewsbury Park, Worked
	allotments and the Hatton Close housing estate.

	{1} The site is owned(!) by the Borough of Greenwich Leisure Services.
	    It is leased from the above by the london Wildlife trust.

	Several projects have been carried out since the allotments fell into
	disuse but basically the hole area has become over grown and a
	general dumping ground for anything the refuse collectors refuse to

	The following is a basic management plan draw up after several
	informal meetings and site visits to Dot Hill.

	Any comments good or bad would be greatly appriciated as would any
	advice or ideas.

	I neither necessarily agree or disagree with either all or parts
	of the following


_Main aims:_
	To encourage use by the local community
	To make site information easily accessible
	To increase amount of edible Perenials
	To promote as a forest garden


Main entrance to have an information board/sign displaying:

	A site map
	Pictures of flora and fauna to be found
	A contact point for further information (details of work days, courses
	or special events.)

Gates or styles to be placed in estate boundary fences where holes have been
made to encourage natural points of access.

Continue to maintain Paths, Fencing, Hawthorn and Blackthorn boundary.

Increase access to dense strip of woodland, adjacent to the estate, by
clearing and mulching paths.

_Native fruiting trees and shrubs:_


Plant trees in brambles as protection. This will eventually clear brambles.


	Basil		Majoram
	Parsely		Sorrel
	Sage		Comfey
	Rosemerry	Fennel
	Thyme		Herb Burnett
	Sweet Cicely	Borage
	Spearmint	Lemon Blam
	Applemint	Chives

Herb spiral to be planted to the left of main entrance.

_Edible Fungi:_

Impregnate trees and logs in long strips beside estate with various edible


Provide Bird and Bat boxes. Possibilities of involving local Children/Schools
in a building boxes project.


Composting site no longer considered necessary.


Myk Rushton and Kim Brown will research and compile a list of existing flora
giving the following information:

Latin and Common names.
Native or Introduced.
Edible or Inedible.
Flowering and Fruiting times.
Description of Habitat.
Illustrations and general discription.

This can be used as an aid to mapping out a complete plan of the site.
Possibilities of involving  local Children/Schools. Schools would also be able
to use this as a teaching aid.
        Myk Rushton                                myk@rockbase.demon.co.uk