Re: TH: Dot Hill Nature Reserve

Hi Myk,

This sounds like a fabulous project.  Way beyond anything I've ever 
done.  You're going to introduce fungi and everything, way cool.

My only comment on the plans is:  yes, you need a compost site.  Rule 
one:  plan for work areas -hidden if necessary.  Did I say work areas?  
Composting might not be the only work area you'll want.  If justification 
is needed, I'd say it's part of the educational aspect of the project.

Maybe you could teach the little people (children) to compost with 
worms.  That's my favorite -it can upset the uninitiated though.  Maybe a 
quick article in the London Times  -Youth of London Dig Worms-

Thanks for telling us about your eco-niche.

G Wiz