Re: TH: Gypsy Moths Vs. BT ..

Just a little further info on the caterpillar problem.  BT is an 
excellent choice -if effective on Gypsey Moths.  It is a microbial spray, 
meaning biological warfare.  Don't panic, it is benign to the environment 
-with the one exception of caterpillars.  Rarely do you find something so 
aarget specific:  non-toxic too.

The point of an application is to get the worms to eat the stuff.  This of 
course means they swallow it along with their usual diet of (willow) 
leaves.  Simply spray the tree.  If it rains and washes the BT off, 
simply spray some more.  Great stuff but be sure to clean your sprayer 
afterwards to avoid clogging.

One last comment, it doesn't taste like much.  Trust me on this one.

G Wiz