TH: 7th National Urban Forest Conference ...

Note: Richard is quoting the following from a `leaflet' circulated by
American Forests, the national non-profit conservation organization.
Conference contacts are listed below - ask about about their magazine!

	 U r b a n   E c o s y s t e m s   t o   b e   F o c u s   o f
	N a t i o n a l   U r b a n   F o r e s t   C o n f e r e n c e

New York, NY, September 12-16, 1995

Leaders from citizens' groups, business, and government from throughout
the U.S. will convene for the 7th National Urban Forest Conference in New
York September 12-16, 1995 to examine the complex web of people, natural
systems, and built infrastructure that comprise urban ecosystems.  The
conference theme is *Inside Urban Ecosystems*.  Registration is open to
the public and will appeal to those wanting to learn more about sustaining
natural systems within cities and towns, and especially how trees, and 
the people who care about them, are increasingly becoming major environmental
and social forces in communities.

For registration materials contact: American Forests, Attention: Michael
Barratt, P.O. Box 2000, Washington, DC 20013 [USA].  Phone 202/667-3300
ext. 227; Fax: 202/667-7751.  Internet address: lmallet@amfor.org.

Sounds great, huh?  They are expecting over 1,200 attendees -- "from
grassroots neighborhood activists to agency officials and scientists from
across the U.S. and several other countries" ... I apologize if I have
in any way misrepresented the above.  Maybe now we can find out for sure
if what < TREE-HOUSE > is doing is in fact *Urban Forestry* or not!  Also -
if you ever have something that you would like to post anonymously on <TH>,
then simply send the text to me with a notice to that effect.  Good day ...

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