TH: Toward A Directory Of Community Forestry ...

Dear Community Forestry Discussants,

Administrivia: The official title for this list has been subtly re-tooled to:
    < TREE-HOUSE > Discussion List For Community Forestry & Design.

As this should be subject to listee-consensus, your feedback is encouraged.

It is becoming increasingly clear that perhaps the most important service
which <TH> List could provide for folks on The Net, as well as for the
trees they live with, is to compile and maintain an ongoing database of
(a Directory Of) Community Forestry Projects.  With just the few stunning
examples having been discussed here (during our initial `trimester') we have
begun to reveal the depth, ingenuity and vision of arboriculturists working
in widely variant communities.  In Baltimore USA folks are `re-purposing'
an abandoned house-lot to grow trees for inner-city neighborhoods; in London
UK the Dot Hill Nature Reserve is independently re-establishing still 
greater bio-diversity for its urban environs.

If we hold to a broad definition of `Community Forestry', we can document
the finiter initiatives, like the town which fights to save its oldest
living `citizen'.  This is familiar to us Marylanders who love our world-
champion White Oak - the historic `Wye OakTree' - who is weathering her 4th
century, and losing some limbs, on our eastern shore.  (Of course, on the
US's northern west coast, a half-a-millenium would hardly be remarkable!)
Then we could also cite the vaster undertakings, such as the New-Yorkers
who manage some literal hundreds of garden lots throughout the metro-region,
often piquing the public's awareness and sympathies (and senses of humor!)
to do battle against negligent landlords and hostile or archaic ordinances.

Please post to < TREE-HOUSE > entries for a Directory Of Community Forestry
Projects, or forward them directly to this writer.  Thanking you in advance,

Richard < owner-tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >

PS:	Think of it this way, wouldn't you like to have such a directory 
along on your next trip across country?