TH: Trees As Alpha-Numerics ?

Dear Tree-House,

I was very surprised to discover in a 1953 Funk & Wagnall's of mine
wherein they claim that the Irish alphabet has characters whose names
are actually those of plants (!)  Mostly trees (!!) :

	ailm	(Palm / Elm)	beit	(Birch)		coll	(Hazel)
	dair	(Oak)		eabad	(Aspen)		fearn	(Alder)
	gort	(Ivy)		uat	(Hawthorn)	ioda	(Yew)
	luis	(Rowan)		muin	(Vine)		nuin	(Ash)
	oir	(Broom)		piet	(Dwarf Elder)	ruis	(Elder)
	suil	(Willow)	teine	(Furze)		ur	(Heath)

What do you think of that?  And what's a `Rowan' -- is that where we get
the name `Rowan-Oak'?  I'm mystified.  Hey Myk!  You got anything on this?

	Richard < owner-tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >