Re: TH: Trees As Alpha-Numerics ?

For a lot more information on this check out "The White Goddess" by 
Robert Graves.

Ray Stevens
GHI Woodlands Committee
Greenbelt MD

On Wed, 5 Jul 1995, Richard Tryzno Ellsberry wrote:

> Dear Tree-House,
> I was very surprised to discover in a 1953 Funk & Wagnall's of mine
> wherein they claim that the Irish alphabet has characters whose names
> are actually those of plants (!)  Mostly trees (!!) :
> 	ailm	(Palm / Elm)	beit	(Birch)		coll	(Hazel)
> 	dair	(Oak)		eabad	(Aspen)		fearn	(Alder)
> 	gort	(Ivy)		uat	(Hawthorn)	ioda	(Yew)
> 	luis	(Rowan)		muin	(Vine)		nuin	(Ash)
> 	oir	(Broom)		piet	(Dwarf Elder)	ruis	(Elder)
> 	suil	(Willow)	teine	(Furze)		ur	(Heath)
> What do you think of that?  And what's a `Rowan' -- is that where we get
> the name `Rowan-Oak'?  I'm mystified.  Hey Myk!  You got anything on this?
> 	Richard < owner-tree-house@lists.umbc.edu >