TH: RE: White Pine / I need help please!


check out the Fire Effects Information System's entry on White Pine:


I love this online database.  Much more information than just fire effects.  Includes uses along with biological and ccological characteristics.  You can hit the Homepage button at the bottom to get to the main page.

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Who ya goin'a call?..... Tree-House!

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>Subject: I need help please!
>I am a university undergrad at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova
>Scotia and am having problems finding information for the history and
>any related information preferably dealing with Pinus strobus (white
>pine).  Our library just plainly sucks (there is absolutely nothing on
>this species which I really find to be ridiculous for a university
>library) and I can't find any decent web sites which will give some
>information on the species. Basically what I am looking for is
>information on the economic significance of the species along with its
>history.  If you know of any websites which I can contact to find this
>out, could you please let me know.  This is very important and I don't
>have much time left.  Your help would be very much appreciated if you
>could give it.  Thank you very much for your time.
>Michael Novak

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