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> >Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 21:51:26 -0800
> >From: Michael Novak <006891n@axe.acadiau.ca>
> >Organization: Acadia University
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> >Subject: I need help please!
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> >I am a university undergrad at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova
> >Scotia and am having problems finding information for the history and
> >any related information preferably dealing with Pinus strobus (white
> >pine).  Our library just plainly sucks (there is absolutely nothing on
> >this species which I really find to be ridiculous for a university
> >library) and I can't find any decent web sites which will give some
> >information on the species. Basically what I am looking for is
> >information on the economic significance of the species along with its
> >history.  If you know of any websites which I can contact to find this
> >out, could you please let me know.  This is very important and I don't
> >have much time left.  Your help would be very much appreciated if you
> >could give it.  Thank you very much for your time.
> >Michael Novak
> >006891n@axe.acadiau.ca
> >

Look for " The Great Lakes Forest. An Environmental and Social History."
edited by Susan Flader. University of Minnesota press 1983. LCCN SD
144.G73G73 or ISBN 0-8166-1089-4
Yours truly
on behalf of Dunster & Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd.

Julian A. Dunster R.P.F., M.C.I.P., Certified Arborist