Re: TH: Ceder Tree - Kent UK

 Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 11:34:25 -0500
 From: Tom Kimmerer <tkimmer@pop.uky.edu>

1.  Remember that a 200 yr old cedar is a youngster, and should be
vigorous and capable of recovering from the root damage.  This is true
for nearly all species, though I assume you are referring to

2.  The tree will need more fine and structural roots on the side away
from the drive.  Light, frequent fertilization will help the tree to
make new roots quickly.

3.  It doesn't matter for water and nutrient transport that all the
roots are gone on one side:  Roots on one side of the tree don't feed
the branches on that side.  Rather, water and nutrients from any one
root spread throughout the tree (with a few exceptions). This tree
probably has plenty of roots, and the capacity to quickly form many

4.  You should be concerned about the structural integrity of the root
system, since the tree will now be susceptible to windthrow on the side
opposite the drive.  Little can be done about this on a large tree.

5.  Soil compaction in the remaining soil volume is a great danger. Be
sure that the soil over a large area (say twice the dripline) is
protected from compaction by vehicles, mowers or foot traffic.


Tom Kimmerer
Forest Biologist
University of Kentucky