TH: WWF's 'Road to Kyoto' Climate Action Postcard Campaign (fwd)

 Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:23:17 GMT
 From: owner-list@panda.org

WWF is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Global
Network site:


Global warming has already affected our weather and our health.
Sea levels are rising and damaging our coasts. The fragile web 
of life is being torn apart, leaving wildlife struggling to

'The Road to Kyoto' is a journey towards the '97 International Climate
Summit in December. Be sure to stop along the way and learn the hard facts on
twenty of the world's nations stance on climate change by visiting the 
International Climate Scorecard. If you're so inclined, you can even take 
action by sending U.S. President Clinton and Japanese Prime Minister 
Hashimoto a Climate Action Postcard telling them how you feel about global 

While you're visiting the site, you can also better understand how our 
world is being affected by climate change by checking out "Global 
Warming: An Overview". 

Take a stand against global warming. Thousands of top economists 
have revealed that policy options are available to slow global warming 
and improve productivity and that the real danger is in not acting.

Visit the Climate Change Campaign today at http://www.panda.org/climate/

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