TH: Permaculture Seed & Plant Exchange

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2nd Annual
Permaculture Seed and Plant Exchange

This Exchange is considered to be a group of growers and collectors who share
propagating material with each other, more or less "at cost" and who are also
willing to provide the same material to others - at a small profit to

Our purpose is to:

}promote the exchange of propagating material
(seeds, roots, scions, etc.) of useful perennial/
self-sowing annual species and cultivars.

}facilitate communication between persons interested
in the same types of plants.

}collect information about useful plants directly
from growers.

}provide an opportunity for collectors and growers
to earn extra income.

Membership in the Exchange is $7/yr.  For this, you receive the annual
catalogue and, in the autumn, listing forms for the next year's catalogue.
 (Those having contributed material will receive a printout of their
listings, for revision.)

To use the catalogue
order seeds, etc. directly from the grower at the addresses given at the end
of the catalogue.  Standard price (ST) of a packet of at least 25 (unless
otherwise indicated) seeds is:
-to contributors listed in this catalogue, $1.
-to all other, $2.
For rare (CP, CO) seeds, plants, roots, etc. the price listed in the
catalogue is the price to OTHER CONTRIBUTING GROWERS.  To all others, the
price is $1 more than the catalogue price.  Overseas shipment add $1 per
order for seeds.  Overseas shipment of other items should be negotiated with
the grower.

To become a member of this Exchange or for further information, write:

Joe Hollis
3020 Whiteoak Creek Road
Burnsville, NC  28714