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 Hi Folks -

 I'd like to encourage some dialog on a topic which was central
 to the original objectives of this list.  When Tree-House first
 started, it was hoped that we would develop a network between
 different community-based tree stewardship initiatives active
 in different regions.

 In Baltimore City we have an informal collective including the
 city forestry department, Parks & People Foundation (which sup-
 ports Kids Grow and the Baltimore Tree Tribe), Tree-mendous Md.,
 plus Save Our Streams, Trust For Public Land and several others.

 I don't know personally of a Baltimore Re-Leaf, although there
 may be one.  If you know of groups such as these working in your
 hometown, invite them to join Tree-House (they only need one rep-
 resentative on email), and tell us about them as well.  This list
 should continue exchanging basic tips on better tree care, eco-
 logical sensitivity, and encouraging such groups to keep up with
 their good works.  You can send individual email addresses to me ...

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