TH: Cities By Nature's Design: 8th Nat'l Urban Forest Conference

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                            a Canopy of Green,
                               clean water,
                          cool and purified air ...

                             All in your city
    You can stop imagining and start building a city designed by nature.
Concerned People are hard at work building these vibrant, greener communities.
              You're invited to visit them in Atlanta for the

                   8th National Urban Forest Conference
                           September 17-20, 1997.

    Join environmental, forestry and planning experts to:

    o   define the building blocks of sustainable communities
    o   examine the latest GIS technology to redesign communities
    o   brainstorm strategies to fund community tree planting
    o   analyze how technology is changing urban design
    o   raft the Chattahoochee River, Atlanta's cherished river
    o   web surf in the "Virtual Coffeehouse"
    o   celebrate at the Global ReLeaf banquet

 For a preliminary program and registration materials, phone 'American 
 Forests' today at 202/667-3300, ext. 211.  Visit our web site: 'http://
 www.amfor.org' or write Cities By Nature's Design, c/o 'American Forests,'
 P.O. Box 2000, Washington, D.C 20013.  Early reg. rates end July 15.
 - From the back page of 'American Forests,' winter / spring 1997.