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Hi everyone !

I would like to announce our web site to the list.  It is the Macphail
Woods Ecological Foresty Project, based in Orwell, P.E.I. Canada.  I am the
webmaster of the site, and i maintain it on a volunteer basis.  I will
include the standard "blurb" about the project and i hope you will visit
and find it useful.  




The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project is a joint effort of the
Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island and the Sir Andrew Macphail
Foundation.  It combines protection of the natural area along the streams
with wildlife enhancement, forest stewardship, watershed protection,
environmental education and ecological research.  The project began in
September of 1991 with a wildlife garden and native plant nursery.  It
includes three nature trails and demonstrations of innovative windbreaks,
forest restoration and erosion control.  We offer regular workshops on a
wide variety of natural history, silvicultural and related topics - birds,
wildflowers, mushrooms, pruning, transplanting, papermaking, basketmaking -
as well as tours of the property and our work.  The nursery and wildlife
garden attract special attention, showcasing native trees, shrubs and

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The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project
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