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The Best Hydroponics


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: The Best Hydroponics
High-Quality Innovative Envelope-Pushing Technology @ the Lowest Possible $$$
*SPECIAL*:430W HPS Son-Agro H/V Boxed kit & P3000 reflector $219 CDN (16 kg)
*SPECIAL*:Iwasaki Super 400 W MX/Universal bulb (4200 K) $29 CDN (1.5 kg)
***DISCLAIMER*** we sell only to those growing LEGAL organisms ***
  the Best Hydroponics-Joanne Best CEO	  %%Volume discounts available.%%
  27 years experience  Mike Roberts,B.Sc.Bio. resident environmental artisan
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada e-mail: de440@freenet.carleton.ca(Joanne) de310(Mike)
$$WE WILL BEAT ANY LEGIT. PRICE$$  http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~de440/ or 310
Tip O'the day :FREE motion-activated Scarecrow sprinkler plans with any order
Credit given for Money Orders sent Regular Air-Mail on All orders payable to:
 The Best Company c/o Joanne E. Best, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada v.p.#9902-0068
     Post-Office box address where you can mail things to us available
!Please remember to include destination address & shopping list with payment!
    Shipping via your choice of courier or regular post (weights below) 
be sure to have shipper note ANY damage to package or contents on arrival !!!
 all prices in CANADIAN funds Eh ! (you lucky Yanks multiply prices by 0.73)

LONG OVERDUE Mike's Bucket(tm) : everything (but the light) necessary for the
	genesis of a prolific jungle in any vacant space contains :
	your choice of fertilizer, blood, kelp, VITA-GROW tablets(see below),
	Deluxe pH test kit, EC/TDS/conductivity meter for nutrient solution,
	Pyrethrin spray insecticide (just in case), soil moisture & pH
	probes, magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts (MgSo4)), dolomitic limestone,
	your choice of substrate-media, nifty scissors, razorblades, Mylar,
	pressure-pump sprayer, rooting/cloning hormone, magnifying lense,  
	(bucket not included (+$2 for a recycled 20L(5 gal.) bucket & lid))

   -lightweight yet unbreakable (practically) skeletal reflectors. 54" X 54"
   or Custom built to your specs. Same reflectivity as Mylar, with FULL 
   coverage. HOR/side-lume merely $34 (1.5 kg+), vertical a scant $24 (1 kg+).
   Stands from $19 (4 kg+). Patents pending. NOW each comes complete with 
   Mogul socket. $SAVE$ $5 & shipping charges by opting to utilize 
   straightened coathangers instead of high-tech alloy frame.
   (design approved by a certified electrical engineer)

---ALERT---some ESSENTIAL nutrients are missing from commercial chemical
	fertilizers & soilless mixes produced today, try new VITA-GROW
	tablets,containing Iron,Zinc,Selenium,Silicon,Folic acid,B1,etc.
	makes mineral defficiencies obsolete : only $9

OLD OLD OLD Foolproof Tomato Cloning kit-enough cloning hormone (IBA) to 
	make 100 Litres (25 gal.) of cloning solution & instructions, found 
	to work very well when cuttings are soaked in the solution in 
	bottles in a cool, softly-lit area for 48 hrs.,	afterwhich the 
	"clones" should be transplanted to moist places, like trays
	filled with 1/4 cloning solution & 3/4 floating perlite $9 

NEW NEW NEW the Groundskeeper(tm) & Orbital(R) irrigation system fittings
 (4 channel digital 1-99 min. timer & adjustable solenoid for watering $?)

NEW & FRESH just right 90L(22.5 gal.) heavy-duty HDPE reservoir/planter $9

EXC LUS IVE "Clean-Air Tube" how-to plans to build an odor/pollutant-
     filtering tube out of pipe or a box or some vinyl tube or whatever
     that can be filled with Activated Carbon or new Space-Age synthetic
     environmentally friendly regenerable carbon (see below) & an air pump 
     (see below) can be attached to filter out unwanted odors, VOC's, etc. 
     to keep plants healthy, found to be very effective & cost-efficient.

OLD OLD OLD "Daylight, 5000, 6500, 10&20 000 K" reusable light filters for 
     regular MH bulbs allowing for modification of light source & simulation 
     of natural lighting in any region. Heat-resistant unbreakable gel
     guaranteed not to melt unless you put it too close to the bulb &/or 
     NEW IR (infra-red) reflector to reduce heat in high-heat fixtures $?
     e-mail me for price on custom size & colour.
     Found to work best if clipped to the reflector as all reflected light
     will be of desired wavelengths, reducing loss of light in filter.
	sleeves for fluorescents available of course
     From $?/square foot.
     Ask for your FREE sample with any other order !
	Wide selection of reflective specular sheeting such as Mylar with
	varied physical & optical characteristics to line hoods available

OOOOOLLLLDD 1972 Volkswagen Westfalia camper,new brakes,rebuilt engine,orig.
ORGANICK!!! Sundew plants, frogs & toads for Fungus-gnat control
OLD OLD OLD Greenhouse-Nursery style hot water propagation-tray heater
OLD OLD OLD Live Canadian algae, moss, bog & other varieties of native plants
OLD BUT FUN Bug Zappin' lights
COMING SOON Zeolites, Azeotropes, Smectites, Isolite(tm) & Oocites !!!
COMING SOON Oysters (grown using aseptic technique) 
OLD OLD OLD Cloning Wax ! (leaf coating anti-transpirant emulsion)
COMING SOON Lasers for sealing cuttings when "cloning" (use powder now)
OLD OLD OLD Localized Ozone generator for 4500 cubic feet	$94 (2.6 kg)
	(bacteria, fungi, mold & mildew will run or die !!)
OLD OLD OLD Yeast ! It's not just for bakin' anymore ; CO2 production 
 Float-valve to convert any reservoir into self-discharging &
 refilling CO2 generator (pump on timer to expel water required) $?
 Another option is to use a garden hose timer to fill, with a siphon-
 fed glucose injector ($?) & an overflow fitting to drain.
COMING LATE Microwave-activated Sulphur light (still a novelty)	$?
OLD OLD OLD Tissue-culture kit with everything, lab. grade	$?
NEW NEW NEW FREE "Kitchen-Sink" plans 4 tissue-culture (Thanxs 2 Dr.A.Taji)
DOITYERSELF Greenhouse kits (galvanized or PVC pipe)		$?
DOITYERSELF Flow tray kits-2X4's cut to size,bolts & heavy plastic liner 
SPECIALIZED Mycorrhizae & Rhizobium `Grab Bag'-a festering mass of microbials
DOITYERSELF Orchid stands,fluor. light stands, etc. kits from galv. pipe
DOITYERSELF Grow-Bags:perlite,long-strand sphagnum peat moss & organic
	 fertilizer in black plastic or cloth bag
OLD OLD OLD FREE plans to convert any spare room into Grow-Room (see below)
BOOKED->JAN Plant Tissue Culture/micropropagation laboratory
OLD OLD OLD `Breathing Wall' installations available for reasonable price
FOR LETTUCE Germination bulb-ask me nice & I'll tell you what colour
LATE BUT IN Fog-It(tm) & Pa-Te(R) misting & propagation nozzzles

***All our system designs are approved by a certified electrical engineer***

Mike's Special Metal Halide 1000W complete vert. or hor. setup	$?(20 kg)
			     400 	"			 ?(15 kg)   
 (kit or assembled with Super 4000K or Sunny-Boy bulb,wires,box & reflector)
High Pressure Sodium 1000W kit or ready to plug in as above	$?(22 kg)
 		      400     	"				 ?(16 kg)
		      430     	"	 			 ?   "
		      150W mountable unit spotlight all-in-one	 ?(11 kg)

  "Pro-Ultralite" (tm) HOR reflector or Incredibly Reflective & lightweight
 pebble-finish embossed Aluminum or Chrome-Mirror finish Large Horizontal or
  Vertical reflector for any above +$?
   Mylar insert with clips to fit good-ol' white steel reflectors $9

**Bare-bones kits,ballasts,bulbs,sockets,wires,boxes,reflectors,etc.,etc.**
Mogul socket							$?(0.8 kg)
 HPS 1000W 5 kV pulse rated mogul socket			 ?   "
SOW 16/3 600 V cabtire wire (for ballast to bulb)		$?
grounded 3-prong plug with 6'SJTW 14/3 300 V cabtire wire 	$?
Wonderlite self-ballasted 160W Mercury flood with reflector	$?(1.5 kg)
Son Agro 430 Watt bulb (more blue, can replace 400W HPS)	$?   "
    (HPS bulbs have the highest Effective flux of all the HID's)


Conversion bulbs 960W MH -> HPS					$?(2 kg)
		 340 						 ?(1.7 kg)
		 250						 ?(1.5 kg)
		 120						 ?   "
White-Lux(tm) or Chromfit(tm) lamps (HPS retrofit) HPS->MH 400W $?   "
						      	   950	$?(2 kg)
High Pressure Sodium bulbs 			    1000W	$?(2 kg)
	(less U.V. than MH, universal mounting,	     400         ?(1.5 kg)
						     250	 ?   "
						     150	 ?   "
Iwasaki Super X(tm) MH bulbs			    1000W	$?(2 kg)
						     400	 ?(1.7 kg)
Good-old Universal MH's 4000K 			    1000W	$?(2 kg)
    also available in "Super" with 25% more lumens   400 	 ?(1.7 kg)
						     250	 ?(1.5 kg)
						     175	 ?  "
Sunny-Boy MH bulb with Sodium peak (more yellow-orange-red)1000W$?(2 kg)
							    400	$?(1.7 kg)


AgroSun MH bulb(35 % more red,125 lumens/Watt,HOR only) 1000W	$?(2 kg)
                 					 400	 ?(1.7 kg)
Iwasaki Super-Blaster 125 lumens/Watt (Base-Up only)	1000W	$?(2 kg)
							 400	 ?(1.7 kg)
Ballasts (multitappers) : 			MH 1000W	$?(13 kg)
						    400		 ?(8 kg)
						    250		 ?(7 kg)
						    175	         ?(6 kg)
						HPS 1000W	$?(16 kg)
						     400	 ?(9 kg)
						     250	 ?(8 kg)
						     150	 ?(7.5 kg)

10"X10"X6" DUKO CSA UL electric box with knockouts & holes drilled $23(4 kg)
No "heat-sink" or "vented" boxes, add silicone to make 100% waterproof
Polyester resin/perlite encapsulated potting of core & coil	  +$?(3.5kg)

Please feel free to ask us our opinions about Spectral distribution vs. 
   CRI vs. Degrees Kelvin Temperature rating vs. Lumen/Watt output vs.
   Photosynthetic response curve vs. Footcandle rating vs. Absorbance vs. 
   Action spectra vs. Spectral radiant vs. Effective flux vs. PAR value

Sylvania Gro-Lux wide spectrum 4' fluor. tubes (plant & aquar.)	$?
High-Output,Power-Twist,Verilux(R),Vitalite(tm),Solux(tm),Durolite(R) also
Cool Whites (limited quantities)				99 cents
Daylights (low lumens, high PAR rating)				 ?  "

U.V. producing bulbs :	
	180-220 nm. (ozone producing)
	220-280     (germicidal,bactericidal,UVC,245 nm,253.7 nm peak)
	280-320     (erythemal,tanning,UVB (for Vitamin D production kids)) 
	320-380     (secondary luminance,UVA)
	380->750    Visible
	   Super Actinic (380-480 nm.for aquariums,diazo,jaundice,420 pk)
	   Actinic "50/50"(300-460 nm.,counterfeit detection,blacklight)
	   Blacklight (310-400 nm.insect traps,photocopy inspection)
	   Blacklight Blue (350-380 nm. for discos,has filter for vis.)

15 kg. high quality fertilizer (any flavour,all essentials)	$?	
	(most available in small quantites from $5 per kilo.)
		18-9-27 popular complete 1-part Hydroponic formula
		6-11-31    "       "     2-part      "        "   (high Mg)
		7-11-27    "       "       "         "        "   (high Fe)


Low-Nitrate formula available for lettuce in the North
Slow-Release 14-14-14 also
Mag-Amp (tm) 7-40-2 too
Chelated component trace elements for PMDD, MgSO4 & other sulfates,etc.etc.
Micronutrient mix :Bo(1.30%),Mo(0.06%),Fe(7%),Mn(2%),Cu(0.10%),Zn(0.40%)
	& components available $? per pound (EDTA & DTPA chelating agents)

Cheap plastic fertilizer scale (0-450 gram, quite accurate)	$3	
Super-accurate & precise digital scale (1g-1kg)			$?	
Hand-crafted balance with alligator clips & 5 free 5g weights	$9

**ORGANIC** fertilizers & ammendments :
	Eco brand nutrients, all flavours
	Kelp in super-concentrated soluble tablets (Excellent foliar feed,
		absolutely chocked full O' trace elements, micronutrients,
		hormones, minerals & many beneficial biocatalysts)
	Fish 5-2-2						
	Seaweed 1-1-1
	Bat Guano 2-18-0		call for prices
	Shrimp compost
	Mushroom compost
	Worm castings
	Bone/Alfalfa/Fish/Feather/etc. meals
	Greensand (K2SixOy)
	Algal puree (with or without cytokinin)
	Old Growth & Rainforest tree ashes (I wonder if they could use
		anything else to make paper ? hmmmmmmm)
	Pumice, Limestone (Dol. or Cal.), Rock Phosphate, Gypsum (see below)
	Ground Oyster shell

   Recipe Booklet VOL.II with many, many of my favourites including :
	-Organic Carbohydrate "Rinse" solution, with B1 	$9 
    	-Cloning spray with cytokinin to delay senescence
	-Mike's Magic liquid
	-Sphagnum stew with Kelp
	-Coconut milk spritzer with or without Inositol
	-Bitter pistillate cones of the vine liqueur (saturated with CO2)

   Many books also available : 	
	Gardening Indoors			George Van Patten
	Hydroponic Home Food Gardens		Dr. Howard Resh
	The Expert Series (1-4)			Dr. G.H. Hessayon
	Propagation Handbook			Geoff Bryant
	Complete Book of Plant Propagation	Wright & Titchmarsh
	Orchids Simplified			Henry Jaworski
	Best of Growing Edge			various
	Gardening Indoors with Cuttings		George Van Patten
	Knowing & Recognizing (pests)		J. Coppert
	The Mushroom Cultivator			Paul Tamets & J.S. Chilton
	Growing & Displaying Bonsai		C. Lewis & N. Sutherland

Biological control & Predators : Steinernema carpocapsae (Nematodes)
	Aphidoletes aphidimyza (Aphid pred.),Cryptolaemus montrouzieri
	(Australian Lady Beetles),Amblyseius fallacis (Field Mite pred.)
	Hypoaspis sp.(Fungus Gnat pred.),Phytoseiulus persimilis 
	(Spider mite pred.),Chrysopa carnea (Lacewings),Hippodamia
	convergens (ladybugs),etc.etc.etc.	

	Ultrasonic, Sticky Strips, Pheromones & traps, Diatomaceous Earth,
	Insecticidal soap, etc. also available

Seeds : Richter's Herb seeds (Grab-Bag 5 for $5)tell 'em we sent U 
	Stokes seeds
	Enza seeds
		Also:	Tropical Rainforest seeds
			Ginseng (cold stored)
			Coffee (fresh or cold stored)
			Hen's 'n Chicks
			St. Johnswort
			Greek Mountain Tea		
			Irish Moss
			Jacob's Ladder
			Pig's Ears
			Witch Hazel
			White Pine
			Prickly Pear

	Mushroom cultivating kits including Malt/Cornsteep Dextrose
		agar,cheese wax,substrate,petri dishes,filter disks,
		etc. to grow any mushrooms found (avoid Death Angel)


Compost thermometer (95-135 deg.Farenheit)			$?(0.5 kg)
Hydrofarm 6' light track (most efficient)			$?(10 kg)
	  4'		"					$?(8 kg)
Light Rail 3 (no chains)					$?(9 kg)
IR transmitting black plastic, regular black, clear, various mils. $?(?kg)
6 mil. black & white Agro. plastic UV resistant liner, 10'X100' $?(19 kg)
8 mil.				"				 ?(23 kg)
20 mil. black, non-toxic PVC UV resistant flexible 10 yr. liner $?
40 mil.				"				 ?
mylar 2 mil 54" X 25 feet					$23(3.8 kg)
	"        100						 ?(15 kg)
Ionizers !							$?
Activated charcoal for odor control & VOC adsorption (per pound)$?
Space-Age synthetic environmentally friendly regenerable carbon	$?/L(1 kg)
	Happy plants need healthy air ! Kills Yeast smell too.
Furnace filter charged with activated charcoal (custom size)	$?(1.5 kg)
Air pumps (Optima,Maxima) various sizes from 1500-5500 cc./min.	$?(1-2 kg)
Copper Sulfate (can be used @ 0.16 mg/L to control algae)	$3   
H2O2 35% with stabilizing agent, 1 quart (no mail order)	$?	
HNO3, H3PO4, KOH, etc. call

Large 6' round HDPE plastic flow-tray/reservoir (115 gal./460 L)$19(4.5 kg)
small 4'			"		(~60 gal./240 L) 14(3.5 kg)
(because of the above trays' flexibility,durability & ability to be grouped
 together using bolts, it allows for them to form huge growing areas with
 very low $/square foot or metre values, making them very popular, both
 now come with holes, pipe & fittings ready to attach to virtually any pump,
 available in heavy-duty double-thickness rigid industrial model as well)

Fill/drain fitting for above(use 1 & drill holes in input line)	99 cents
Kevlar (tm) carbon fiber bulletproof flow trays coming soon
Polyester resin & hardener for use with above (pint, quart or gallon) $?
Vektran (tm) carbon fiber liners (same as on Mars-lander air-bags)
Epoxy resin & hardener for use with above (pint, quart or gallon) $?
ABS rigid seamless or expandable seamed (requiring silicone bead & screws)
	commercial greenhouse quality flow trays		$?->   
Custom built Fibreglass flow trays with Silicone liners		$?    
Bromthymol-blue (pH 6.0-7.6 indicator) with colour chart	$?
 Methyl-red & litmus paper also available
Deluxe pH kit : either or both of above with 2 pints pH+ & pH-	$9
Digital pH meter (accurate to hundredths)			$?(0.7 kg)
	(clean with a toothbrush & paste then dish soap when)
	     (dead, go in & out & a little side to side)
Replacement electrode						$?(0.2 kg)
Digital waterproof salts pen (+/- 10 ppm)			$?(0.7 kg)
PLANS to use cheap analog Ohm-multimeter as E.C. meter	FREE 
 (required : 1K(1000) Ohm-meter with fresh batteries,3 cups & some sandpaper)
  (stick yer probe tips in & shake 'em to get a steady reading every time)
Portable ORP/RedOx probe (-999 - +999 mV)			$?(0.7 kg)
Analog Hydrofarm light meter (1fc=1lm/sq.ft & 1lux=1lm/sq.m)	$?(0.8 kg)
Digital light meter						$69(0.9 kg)
UV or O3 H2O sanitizer						$?
Compressed Bale of Sogevex TBK Fibrous Blond Sphagnum Peat Moss $?
Expanded clay pellets (grorocks,hydrocorn,whatever) 50 L & up   $?
Leca(tm) kiln-fired clay pellets,high CEC & indestructible,50 L $?(24 kg)
pea-gravel 							$?
4 cubic feet of Perlite or Vermiculite				$?
Bail of 16 6" Rockwool slabs (chemical free unlike insulation)	$?(10 kg)
Oasis aggro-foam LC-1 starter sheets, 104 cubes (slabs also)	$?(0.5 kg)
Case of 216 4" Rockwool cubes					$?(11 kg)
Aggrofoam polyurethane 10 year slabs				$?    
Bail of Coconut fibre						$?   
Pro-Mix "BX" "HP" "PGX" "NX" in 3.8-55 cu.ft. compressed bale	$?
X-Large pack of Soil moisture-retaining polymer crystals	$?
15 lb. compressed CO2 tank (empty only for mail-order)		$?
CO2 injection system (0-60 CFM flowgage & solenoid, fully wired)$99(3.0 kg)
 (dual-dial regulator flowgage & FREE Teflon (tm) tape to prevent leaks)
Needle-valve for above						$?
Fully wired & grounded industrial 150 psi. H2O or CO2 solenoid  $19.99(0.8 kg)
  (unions, nipples, couplings & adapters available for above)
Digital Grounded 25 Amp heavy-duty timer for use with above	$?(2 kg)
24 VAC UV resistant adjustable solenoid with power pack		$?(0.8 kg)
Aquafizzzzz airstone to use with above for aquatic plants	$(0.3 kg)
 (bury the above or use a rock as a "reactor" to trap bubbles to dissolve)
Green Air CD-3 CO2 generator 					$?(8.5 kg)
50 lbs. sodium bicarb. (baking soda to mix with acetic acid)    $?     
   (can also be mixed with activated charcoal for air purification)
Gypsum to convert Na+ for leaching from Sodic & Saline soils	$?
50 lbs. Dolomite Lime (adds Ca & Mg & balances pH too)		$?
4 l (1 gal.) glacial (~100%) acetic acid (mix with either above)$?(no mail)
Wicked paraffin unscented candles for CO2 gen. & O2 reduction $5/doz.	
8 pail monster plant setup with pump,perlite,nutrients,etc.	$?   
Complete Quantum (special !!)					$?(25 kg)
Cooling thermostat for vent fan (heavy duty agricultural model) $?(2 kg)
Dehumidistat, highly recommended over thermostat in cold areas	$69(0.75 kg)
450 GPH Attwood 12V submersible pump with power pack for 5 more $?(3.5 kg)
GSW Diamond, Flotec, Oase, Pro, Little Giant 90-2000 gph fountain pumps $call 
Filter bag for any pump to prevent drip-line clogging		$?	
12'-32' submersible Soil heating cable, thermosatat @ 74 deg.F	$? 
Submersible (fully) reservoir heater with thermostat (300 Watt)	$?
Hydrofarm (tm) propagation heating mat (14" X 22")		$?
250-1380 CFM vent blowers to fit in duct or dryer line		$?
150 CFM Whisper (tm) box-fan with cord				$?(2 kg)
   (can easily be attached to reflector for cooling & circulation)
			    (NO Colchicine)
			('cause Quincy said so)
this list is updated daily & prices are subject to change without notice

please leave your proper e-mail return address, 
	or use a friend's if you have to,
		tell us your City & Province/State if you want us to check
			shipping charges

1-buy a wading pool or build a flow tray out of 2X4's and line with plastic 
  & use garbage pails or an iron pipe stand with hardboard on top or a table 
  to support your tray
2-buy a 12V bilge pump which can then be connected to a car battery charger 
  or other 12V power supply (or sump or fountain or fish pump) 
3-buy a bilge-pump thru-hull fitting and connect to your pump which is now 
  in your garbage pail or other reservoir
4-fill the res. with water and leave the pump on full blast to see if it is 
  going to overflow your tray, if it does, drill a couple of holes in the 
  hose which will reduce the flow, or use plastic insert `T' fittings,
  or add an overflow fitting, make sure that your pump doesn't run dry
5-fill the tray to 4-8 inches with Perlite & soilless mix (I haven't tried
  compost yet myself) at 10:1, I know it will float at first, so leave your 
  reservoir empty and top fill to moisten, it will stop floating in a 
  while, or use pea gravel or river stone, make sure to add some 
  dolomitic limestone to balance pH, ,also use plastic patio door 
  screen on your fill/drain fitting
6-mix a complete soluble fertilizer according to the instrucions on the 
  label,(I didn't say non-organic), also add a super-concentrated soluble 
  Kelp tablet to your reservoir to ensure all trace elements & minerals 
  (Zinc,Silicon,Selenium,etc.etc.) are present and grow away, add a 400 
  or 1000 Watt MH or HPS light on a mover  & supplemental CO2 for best 

Testimonials :
	"The Best hydroponics turned my closet into a freakin' jungle."
	Gerald Fitzpatrick, sometown, somecountry
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