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Title: Ecology - Home Page from The Mining Company
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Thursday, September 11, 1997

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Ocean Color
Ever wonder why the ocean is different colors in different parts of the world. NASA provides some insights into ocean color and how it is interpreted in satellite imaging.

Extinction Is Forever
Sea World and Bush Gardens want you to know the dangers of species loss. It is a quick and simple explanation of species extinction and the implications caused by species loss.

Land Cover Map Accuracy
Today emphasis is placed on using satellite maps in determining vegetation types around the globe. The accuracy of these mapping techniques is highly significant when conservation efforts are employed. How accurate are these methods?

Microbe Spy
Follow the work of Stanley Falkow, microbiologist at Stanford Medical School, as he videos microbes in action as they invade cells.

Scientists Study Global Warming Effects
Learn the current theories of the impact global warming could have on our wetland systems.

Ferns-What Are They?
The American Fern Society presents these 300 million year old plants with great enthusiasm. Learn the morphology of ferns and the life history of these ancient plants.

From Your Guide

Gap Analysis-What is it?
Gap Analysis is used by scientists to monitor land use and biodiversity. Learn the theory of gap analysis and jump to some great resources on the net.

Mission to Planet Earth
A satellite system to study the earth is being launched. This new system called Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE) will provide an unparalleled amount of information on the ecology of planet earth.

Huge Plants-A.K.A. Trees
Trees are really nothing more than large plants. Find out some interesting facts on the ecology and physiology of trees.

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