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Permaculture Links


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Title: Permaculture Links


A Resource and Information Centre for Edible and other useful plants

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Permaculture Links

The problem with lists of Links is that they just seem to grow and grow. So it's come to the time when I've had to zone the links. Below you'll find the following sections. A couple of others have split off into their own pages:

And if you really want more links the Internet Directory for Botany has nearly 3000. The internet mining company has two intresting and comprehensive sections: Vegtable Gardening and Herbs For Health. The AgriSurf! Agricultural Web Index looks promising, a searchable index to over 6000 agricultural sites.

News Groups and mailing lists

One of the best ways to get answers to specific questions is to ask on a news group or mailing list. Heres a few

alt.sustainable.agriculture lots of interesting discussion plus a few anouncments and spam's.

rec.gardens.ecosystems A brand new group as of 8/5/97. Which has a promessing and detailed FAQ.

A whole host of newsgroups about permaculture and related topics can be found on the news host news.sunsite.unc.edu. More details at InterGarden.

Theres now two permaculture mailing lists:

sanet-mg mailing list devoted to sustainable agriculture. To join send an email to almanac@ces.ncsu.edu. with 'subscribe sanet-mg' in the BODY of the message. More details and email archived at Sustainable Agriculture Network.

organic-l@steamradio.com UK centric organic gardening list. To subscribe send email to majordomo@steamradio.com with subscribe organic-l in the body of the message.

Permaculture Mailing List in Western Australia To subscribe, send email to listserv@eepo.com.au To send email to the list perma@eepo.com.au

permaculture-mg and sustag-principles were two mailing list devoted to permaculture, but some bully boy of a sysadmin pulled the plug on them, with out giving any warning which is well out of order. You can still see the email archives.

Note most permaculture-mg and sanet-mg messages find their way onto alt.sustainable.agriculture. The mailserver for both of these removes you name from the lists if it can't send an email for a few days. So it your ISP goes down for a while you may need to resubscribe.

A mailing list to discuss permaculture and related topics is now available. To subscribe to the list send email to permaculture-request@GlobalGarden.com with the body of the message containing: 'subscriber'. To subscribe to the digest version of the list, send the above message to permaculture-digest-request@GlobalGarden.com

Theres now a German speaking permaculture mailing list: To subscribe email petidomo@ml.deceiver.org ADD YOUR ADDRESS PERMAKULTUR-ML in body of message. To send a message to the list email permakultur-ml@petidomo.ml.deceiver.org

A new (16/7/97) web bassed, spam free newsgroup can be found Here. Not especially organic.

Theres a much more coprehensive list of Mailing lists at The Village

If you can access GreenNet or any of the APC members than you can have a look at the int.permacultu news groups. I'm not sure about this one but I think l-permaculture@igc.apc.org might also be a mailling list.

Permaculture On-Line

I've tried to index by region, not complete as yet.

Probably the best place to start for permaculture information is the Permaculture FAQ, which lists most sites and orginisation as well as introducing some of the concepts behind the subject.

Another must see is InterGarden put together by the Laurance London, the chap who created the Permaculture mailing list. Contains lots of material culled from the various news groups and mailing lists with answers to everything.

A big list of permaculture groups world wide can be found here.

International Permaculture Conference has the full text of its procedings on the web, with lots of papers about all aspects of permaculture.


PermaWeb good source info on UK permaculture.

Permaculture Association (Britain) the UK's main permaculture group, with lists of local groups. (http://www.netlink.co.uk/users/susinfo/permbrit.html seems to be a mirror).

Permanent Publications Publish the UK bassed Permaculture Magazine. The site contains details of the mag, their book catalogue, and UK Forrest Gardening projects and regular permaculture news. Their Earth Repair Catalogue of 230 permaculture and related books is avaliable at a different site.

Graig Arw Permaculture This South Wales community could turn into something exciting, if only they can raise the money to get some land.

Exmouth Permaculture Group A thriving local permaculture group bassed in the UK, not far from PFAF. Unfortunatly the people who putthe page together have now moved away.

Brickhust Permaculture Group A Kent based project, still in construction (as of 17/11/96).

Permaculture farm and campsite an intresting project in Cwmpencraig, near Drefach Felindre in Dyfed, Wales.


La Mohea permaculture in semi-deserts in Spain. Run working holidays, I've been and its ace.

permakultur austria Info about the group in austrian and and some other permaculture stuff.


Permaculture a group bassed in South Africa. Good for local contacts.

Australia/New Zealand

Permaculture International A journal for PC. The site feature info on the mag, a good international directory of PC organization, a mailorder catalogue of Books etc (not plants though), some eco news, and a few articles from the mag.

Permaculture Global Assistance Network A group trying to build international cooperation in the permaculture community. Lots of links and info about the project.

Whats Happening in Permaculture info on Permaculture Association of South Australia.

Permaculture Visions An Australian Permaculture design company. The site contains general PC info, seed-saving, IS0 14000 (an environmental quality standard!) etc. Perhaps the most intresting page is Permaculture Plants which lists lots of different tropical plants and their uses.

Permaculture material on WWW and the Internet An embronic page put together by Dwayne Jones-Evans.

Carmela's Home Page Carmela views on permaculture.

Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet an austrailian community practicing permaculture and general sustainable stuff.

North America

Permaculture Drylands Institute focuses on permaculture concepts and designs for arid lands, with a heavy focus on New Mexico and Arizona, publish a quaterly newsletter and run design courses.

Permaculture and Sustainable Living & Livelihood is the home of a number of intresting groups, and lots of articles. Plus related material on Cooperatives, Agriculture and Horticulture, Architecture and Community etc. A Permaculture Primer offers a good introduction to permaculture, covering many aspects. Its also has a good list of books and other resources.

Dreamtime Village A Wisconsin project. Especially into Endarchy, hypermedia and radical education.

Permaculture Resources Bassed in New Jersey and New Mexico, have a large book catalogue, and list of events in the US.

Heathcote Intentional Community Have a permaculture demonstration site and run some courses.

Larry's Page has info on permaculture design software, and a few Californian projects.

Permaculture Hot Spots A good set of links.

FUTPLEX A brand new web based chat room for permaculture. Also have a look at Colabrative Efforts which is gathering information on Sustainable Living from all over.

Central Valley Permaculture Group Just a set of links at the moment, but watch this space.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture's kind of like permaculture but different. To sus it out you could have a look at some of these.

Sustainable Agriculture Resources on the Net Lists various newsgroups and site devoted to sust-ag.

Sustainable Agriculture Network Seems pretty cool. They might also be related to Sustainable Agriculture Network A group of Uni's, Gov's, Firm's and People exchangeing info on SA. It has its own mailing list sanet-mg.

The US Department of Agriculture's Alternative Farming Systems Information Center has lots of intresting resources covering just about everything.

The University of California's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program has lots of books, video's etc, plus a few web resources notable mentioning cover crops.

Temperate Agroforestry Homepage "Agroforestry encompasses all of the ways that trees and shrubs, intentionally integrated into agricultural land-use systems, provide tree products and protect, conserve, diversify, and sustain vital economic, environmental, human, and natural resources." Commercially minded but some useful info.

The Tropical Ecological Farm An intresting site and an intresting project.

The World Sustainable Agriculture Association A few articles of a a global stratergy perspective.

agAccess an agricultural and horticultural publishing company dedicated to sustainable agriculture. They have a good set of links to agricultural resources and you can get some good books off them too.

Sustainable Trees and Shrubs A big list of plants and the types of conditions they thrive in. Particularly suitable for Southern New England (USDA Hardiness Zones 7a - 5b) and concentrates on low maintanance plants.

Mulch-Based Agriculture GroupTheir motto is Sustainable Agriculture With A Sense of Humus Have extensive citations bibliorgraphies.

Have a look at Living on the Earth with Bill Duesing a collection of articles first appearing on his weekly show on American Public Radio. They make a good read.

The Farm A nice graphical interface to lots of links about things of intrest to sustainable agriculture.

Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization A Christian orginisation who provide technical support to third world development groups. They specialise in urban gardening, and providing seeds and infomation. Theres lots of useful info hidden throughout their site.

Other Systems

The Bio-Dynamic Association "Biodynamics is part of the work of Rudolf Steiner, known as anthroposophy -- a new approach to science which integrates precise observation of natural phenomena, clear thinking, and knowledge of the spirit." Here this is applied to agriculture and they seem to be particularly keen on soil health.

MOA Natural Farming and Nature Farming International Research and Development Center Another system devised in Japan by Mokichi Okada which seeks to "to respect nature and to adopt its providence as a standard" and "to bring out the natural strength and great ability of living soil".

Theres also the Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farming system but I've yet to find a good web resource for it. Apparantly its strong on no-tillage.

Remineralization, grinding up rocks and putting them on your plants. Reported to have amazing effects recreated the state of soil just after and ice age. You can read about it at InterGarden or Turtle EyeLand

Precision farming is getting a bit of a rep these days. Basically its about using lots of high tech monotoring to assess just what nutrients you need to add to get the best growth. Not entirely in keeping with the organic way but it may attract some conventional farmers. The Centre for Precision Farming is a reasonable starting point also have a look at The Grain Supply Update which mentions it briefly.


I supose you could say permaculture is to organics as vegan is to vegetarian. Hence theres lots of organic sites out there heres a sample. So for those of you who don't fancy soya milk ...

MidNet Organic UK bassed, have info on UK organisations, and some hints and tips. Plus an organic garden tour. And other UK bassed resources.

Don't Panic Eat Organic The home page of an organic farmer in Califonia, whos into growing Cherimoya a exotic fruit. His page is the best I've found for Organic

Organic Gardening from Sierra Pelona Press A good fun site, with lots of tails about organic pest control, with readers letters and stuff like that, makes for a good read.

Canberra Organic Growers' Society A useful resource for Australian visitors, listing seed suppliers, organic organisations, and lots of other goodies.

Theres as UK bassed Organic Gardening Mailing list To subscribe send a message to: majordomo@steamradio.com with 'subscribe organic-l (your full email address)' in the body of the message.


... and gardening is like meat eating. Still they have their uses.

GardenNet looks quite a good site with lots of info on gardening, includeing a comprehensive list of catalogues.

Gardening.com Quite a good site with a well organised set of links. They've also got an on-line database of plants, unfortunately they concentrate on pretty looking ones with nice flowers and no uses.

Northern Pond A site all about ponds, with lots of links to more aquatic fun.

Journal of New Rare and Unusual Plants seems to concentrate more on ornimental species. But might be worth a look.

Rare/Unsual Plants/Heritage Seeds

In the interests of biodiversity and a more intresting diet here's some contacts. Theres lots of silly government rules restricting what seeds your allowed to sell (in the UK you can only sell registered plants and registrations costs a packet) heritage seed programs are an atempt to get round these rules and maintain a wide genetic base.

A Good into to the subject at The Mining Company

A good number of articles about seed saving plus links to other groups can be found on the Garden Diversity page.

Seed Savers Exchange A US bassed orginisation with 8000 members saving oldtime food crops from extinction.

Heritage Seed Curators Association A group who save seeds from unusual and rare species, in order to maintain bio-diversity. Why Save Seeds? more australian info also has some legal info.

In the UK the Henry Doubleday Research Association does a similar task. Alternate Link

The Abundant Life Seed Foundation is a non-profit organization in the State of Washington into preserving and distributing native and naturalized seed. They have a network of growers and a World Seed Fund which sends hairloom seeds overseas.

Seeds of Texas Seed Exchange The name says it all.

California Rare Fruit Growers Have a database of 200+ rare and unusual edible plants. They also run a seed bank (members only) and publish a magazine.

Algy's Seed Exchange a bulitin board dedicated to swapping seed.

A Grandmother's Garden Intresting site where the author has preservered many old varities of flowering plants and vegtables. You can get lots of seeds from him. Some good links as well.

Wylie House has some info on Heirloom Gardening, complete with a good bibliography.

New Crop Resource Online Program I'm not quite sure where these lot are at, but they do have a large list of plants which have potentials for new crops.

Santa Barbara Heirloom Seedling Nursery This lot sell a good range of seeds.

Ethnobotany + Plant databases

I believe ethnobotany is the study of the uses of plants.

Ethnobotany Cafe A chat room related to discussion of plants and their uses and their relationship to culture. Also have a herb exchange where you can exchange info about herbs. Also have info on wild foods and herbal medicine.

Ethnobotany Database A masive online academic database of worldwide plant use, has 80,000 records! which list uses of plants, common and botanical names and regions where there used , unfortunatly thats it, nothing about how to use them or growing them or other useful info. Theres also a Native American Food Plant and a Medicinal Plant of Native America databases.

The Flora of North America A masive project to collect info on approximately 20,000 species of vascular plants and bryophytes of North America. With distribution maps, images, and some use info.

If you still want more theres American Indian Ethnobotany Database which cover Foods, Drugs, Dyes, and Fibers of Native North American Peoples.

California Rare Fruit Growers, Fruit List has 700 individual fruits listed by Latin and Common names, with some growing info.

Useful Plant Names contains indices of common names of plants, with emphesis on Japanese and Chinease Names.

The Families of Flowering Plants Lots of academic type info on plants, very comprehensive.

Ethnobotanische Samenliste A database of seed information in German.

Plant Name Database Allows conversion of names between Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French and Latin.

Mining Company: Herbs for Helth Follow resource list, then Herb and Plant Databases and Searches for more links to databases.

Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Henriette's Herbal Homepage Lots of good herb related stuff, including Herb FAQ's archives of various newsgroups.

Algy's Herb Page Lots of stuff about herbs, including Algy's Seed Exchange a bulitin board dedicated to swapping seed and overcoming the govermental-agribuisness restrictions on what plants we are allowed to sell.

Southwest School of Botanical MedcineThis is a good site. Lots of pics of herbs and other plants plus articles and clasic texts on botanical medicine.

Laurie Lacey's Wild World of Plants A very nicely done page with info about several interesting medicinal plants.

Herbage A database of information about medicinal uses of plants. Avaliable as lots of very big ascii files.

Botanical.com list 800+ types of herbs taken from a 1931 Herbal book.

Mining Company: Herbs for Helth Lots of herb resources here, and regularly maintained.

Soaps, dyes and the uses of plants

Pretty soon after these pages went on line I got an email asking how to make soap, and I was stumped. Its taken almost a year but I found a useful page in the end. I'm still intrested in finding other pages on the uses of plants.

Soap Making Past and present soap making.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Soap But Were Too Afraid To Ask a brief history of soap.

Files about soap making Including an FAQ.

Theres a couple of mailing lists you may find intresting.

Weaving (mostly weaving): e-mail to majordomo@quilt.net with 'subscribe weaving' or 'subscribe weaving-digest' at the message. Amy Norris manager AmyFibre@aol.com

DyersList: e-mail to majordomo@bolis.com with the words

The Fiber Resources Page the best place I've found to start looking for links to fibers, dyeing and spining.

Wild Plants

Theres lots of yummy stuff out there, such as 'Chicken in the Woods' a bracket fungus which has both the taste and texture of chicken. But watch what you take you: theres been a bit of a fuss in the UK over lots of posh London resturants sending out teams to get the rarest mushroom and decimating the populations.

The Forager Home Page A good place to start looking for info on wild foods.

Dining on the Wilds Good set of links, big list of edible plants (but no details), and details of the corses they run.

The Wilderness a UK based project promoting wild unmanaged nature. Well radical.

The Wild Flower Page Lots of good UK bassed info in wild flowers, including bibliography, places to see wild flowers and conservation organisations.

Also check the Ethnobotany Cafe mentioned above.

The School of Self-Reliance has a wild plant of the week and some wild food advocacy. One of the few suvivalist pages which isn't all about guns.

They just don't fit

Some intresting sites which go beyond the bounds of my clasifications.

Ark Institute Well into food selfsufificiency, and food security (i.e. the think we could be in deep shit nosh wise). Publish lots of books and the Grain Supply Update which has lots of intresting stuff about how well diferent crops are doing.

Earthworms A page discribing the basics of earthworms, in a clear no nonsense terms. Includes earthworm identification.

The City Farmer Lots of stuff on Urban Agriculture. In the UK you might want to have a look at The National Federation of City Farms

Chez Marco Homepage Execelent set of starting points for botany, plus lots other good eco-stuff. It's one of the top 5% of web-sites for content.

RotWeb all you ever wanted to know about compost. The Compost Resource Page is another good resource on the subject with discussion groups and info on vermicomposting, compost toilets etc.

Keslick & Son have composed some useful info about the care of trees.

The Pollination Sceen Lots of info about bees an polination.

Pesticide Action Network North Ammerica Campains against the use of pesticides and for sustainable agricultutre. Lots of good info on the Dirty Dozen Pesticides and lots more.

Some of you may be interesed in the use of Hemp for fibers or oils or in medicinal and industrial uses. I've a few resovations about the plant, as it could become another cash crop farmed on a large scale and the hype its recieving may divert attention from the many other useful plants which appear here, plus I've been told it quite a gready plant taking lots of nutrients from the soil. Anyway if you do want to find out some of the uses of hemp have a look UK Cannabis Internet Activists.

Communities and Eco-vilages

For some strange reason a lot of permaculture stuff seems to happen in small communities or in eco-vilages (larger communities). Don't ask me why ?

Eco Village Information Service

International Communities

The difinative guide to UK communities is Diggers and Dreamers, which lists 80+ UK communities. Avaliable from Edge Of Time and maybe elsewhere.

A few more with Web presance are listed at Co-Construction but this is a bit out of date.

In the UK housing Co-ops are a good way to start you can have a look at our own page or some one elses.

You might also like to have a look at this community come eco-village: Findhorn Foundation a scotish spiritual community famous for growing massive veg. And Redfield in Buckinghamshire.

Green and Environmental

Environmental Organization WebDirectory probable the best directory to environmental orginisation on the web.

LetsLink UK Lets stands for Local Exchange Trading Scheems, which lie half way between a barter system and normal money. They are normally base in local communities and offer an alternative to the old jobs/dole dilemma.

My Home Page I've got quite a few eco-links to UK activists here, you will also find some maths and taoisms links.

Howard Lyman Interview The story of a man who turned from buying $1,000,000 worth of agro-chemicals a year to an organic advocate. Part of the McSpotlight site.

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