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Dr Dick's Home Page


 Lawrence F. London, Jr. - Dragonfly Market Gardens
 mailto:london@sunSITE.unc.edu - mailto:llondon@bellsouth.net
Title: Dr Dick's Home Page

Dr Dick's Home Page

Heres an assortment of things I'm interested in.

A Parade of Surfaces

My main mathematical interest is in the field of singularity theory (this is related to Catastrophy Theory which caused a bit of a stir in the seventies). A Parade of Surfaces, is an introduction to singularity theory which has lots of picture of some of the objects you frequently encounter in the theory. There are also some 3D webOOGL objects which you can examine with geomview.

The Liverpool Surface Modelling Package

A lot of my time has gone into developing a set of programs for visulising mathematical objects. This work has culminated in the Liverpool Surface Modelling Package an interactive set of modules for generating the various types of curves and surfaces which can occure in singularity theory, (and a lot of other branches of mathematics).


I've written a number of scientific papers which are in the process of being made avaliable on the web.


I use to work in the Mathwise courseware consortium. A large group of U.K. mathematicians who are developing hypertext learning material to cover A level and first year degree mathematics.

Maths Links

An asortment of links the other mathematical places.

Liverpool University Dept Mathematical Sciences My old departments home page.

The Geometry Center Welcome Page A cool site in the states, with lots of fun mathematical web pages.

The European Mathematical Society Lots of good links to most of europe's maths departments here.

Symbolic Sculptures Some nice 3D sculptures of mathematical objects.

The Pi Page All you ever wanted to about Pi. One of the few pages I've seen which actually has some content.


Professor Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs won the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize for nearly 50 years of commitment to peace and individual responsibility. You too can sign a pledge.

"I promise to work for a better world where science and technology are used in socially responsible ways. I will not use my education for any purpose intended to harm human beings or the environment. Throughout my career, I will consider the ethical implications of my work before I take action. While the demands placed upon me may be great, I sign this declaration because I recognize that individual responsibility is the first step on the path to peace."

See pugwash for more details. A good site of general discusions of Science and Ethics is Ethics in Science.

Plants For A Future

Plants For A Future is a group based in Cornwall who are researching into unsual plants which are either edible or are useful in some way or another. The link contains lots of leaflets about incredible plants you've never heard about. Theres also some links to other online and offline organic and permaculture resources.

Various Shades of Green

Heres a whole bunch of references to environmental information, taoism, and stuff like that.

McSpotlight the page they are all talking about, all the infomation M dont want you to hear, and info on the McLibel trial.

Home Page for the ICE House (Information Center for the Environment), at UC, Davis

Oxfam(fights hunger) Home Page

Greenpeace International

OneWorld Online A large environmental news site. Definatly worth a look.

Urban75 An eco-anachist fanzine. A bit on the spiky side for me but lots of current news, articles, spiffing layout, and a good list of resources.

Change Works Lots of info on Nottingham bassed Green eco stuff.

Nick Fiddels's Home PageYou'll find lots of links to UK green activism and environmental stuff here. Including Current UK boycotts which was originally written by me.

The The Economic Democracy Boycott Resource Site has lots of other boycott info.

Enough, Anti-Consumerism Campaign a personal favorite of mine as I had a little to do with the creation of the campaign.

Paul's Environment Page Lots of eco links here.

Green Action Home Page

Human Rights Lots of info and reports about human rights stuff from around the world.

Vegan Info Lots of leaflets about all your vegan questions.

Cycling Organisations

Tribal Links Linke to various international green people.

Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living Featuring Rammed-Earth Tyre Homes: tyres filled with earth as a crazy new building material.

Youth in Action "Youth in Action Network is an interactive online service for youth, educators, and organizations who want to learn about, and participate in, social action."

Freewheelers a lift share agency operating in the UK, save the cost of getting around, help cut car pollution.

Grassroots Environmental Index Yet more info on eco-activism (everybodys doing it), get the lasest road allert stuff here, include such gems as List of Alternative Press. In fact check this page first as its up to date and seems to be well mainained.

Green Parties of North America Lots of links to the more political side, not just in the USA.

J's Joint Jamiroquai's home on the WorldWide Web, is a great place to visit, fun to look around plus he's got lots of info on road protests and counter culture stuff.

Now is the Time A german project trying to get things going on an eco-spritual front. In english and german. Some intresting links.

Acoustic Ecology Some wild and wacky stuff about sound.


Heres a couple of translations of the Tao Te Ching (The book of the Way and Virtue), one of the key texts from the Taoist philosphy. These should really get your mind going, or rather more in sync with the world. Heck I don't know how to discribe it, have a look for your self.

Tao Te Ching Introduction a faily standard translation.

Tao Te Ching a much more loose translation, which catches a lot of the flavor.

Avalon's Taoism Page Some other taoist stuff.

Tai Chi

Closly linked to Taoism, Tai Chi (Ti Chi Chung/Di Ji plus lots of different ways of spelling the chinese words) is the martial art which looks like a dance. Heres a couple of links

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain Find a class near you here.

Tai Ji -- Alex's WWW-Pages the best set of links I've found.


Heres a few wired friends who've got pages up. Long live the Home Page.

The Magic Cat put together by Andy and the Dr Brown posse and featureing the Cosmic Voyage.

Jon's Page featuring his magnificient representation of his cat, info on Mens Groups, and mountain biking round Hatfield.

Last modified: March 12, 1997