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Cycles in the Universe: Index


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Title: Cycles in the Universe: Index

Cycles in the Universe: Index

This is an index to Ray Tomes' site in which the main topics are the interdisciplinary study of cycles in the universe, explanation of and applications of the Harmonics theory which deals with explaining the patterns of observed cycles in every field of study including astronomy, biology, cosmology, commodities, economics, geology, geophysics, history, music, physics, society and wars. The Harmonics theory also works towards an in depth study of the structure of the universe and everything in it from galaxies, stars and planets to cells, atoms and sub-atomic particles. The harmonic division of both space and time are considered as cycles. There is also a section on harmony and music.

I dedicate this site to the memories of the great men who have studied cycles in the universe in the past; Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Tycho, Kepler, Newton, Maxwell, Kondratieff, Chizhevski, Dewey and Wheeler.

There are two ways to use this site. This index allows quick access to all pages and graphics on the site and shows the structure of it all. You can return to the index from any page. The alternative is to take the grand tour of all pages by use of the next button which will move through the pages in the order below.

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